11 Ways Walking Changes Our Bodies (For The Better)

How Walking Changes Our Bodies (For The Better)

We have all heard about the benefits of exercising. They are indisputable and definitely necessary. With so many illnesses and the obesity cases at frightening numbers, there is an immediate need for proper education when it comes to types of exercising and their benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the ways walking changes our bodies, leading to a healthier life and lowering the risks of disease. After writing about jackets, and sport jackets in particular, in this post we wanted to see why walking and exercising is so important.

Many of the people who exercise regularly can list a lot of reasons why, to them, working out has become a routine activity. From getting fit, to feeling less stressed out, the reasons go on and on.

When it comes to walking, though, there are some that consider it to be sort of a useless form of exercising. Because it’s not as challenging as running, and does not help in building upper body muscles, it is more than often overlooked.

However, there are numerous studies, which prove that walking has many benefits and is the best starting exercise for beginners.

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Fjällräven Greenland No.1 Jacket for Men: Review

Fjallraven Greenland No.1 Jacket for Men: Review

Continuing our series of reviews, today we will introduce you to a new jacket and its specifics, the Greenland No.1 Jacket for men by Fjällräven. Much like in the previous article, we will also divide this one into categories, which include the material of the jacket, when is it suitable to wear, the color selection and feedback from those who have tried this jacket for themselves.

For those who enjoy hiking and getting out there in challenging weather conditions, this jacket will most certainly interest you. The design for the Greenland No.1 was originally created in 1968 and its purpose was to provide comfort and warmth while being outdoors.

Today, this jacket’s design has developed both in style and features.

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Geographical Norway Traveler Outfit For Men, Summer Version

Geographical Norway Travel Outfit Men Summer

Summer’s almost here, a bit indecisive, but slowly coming around. The beach, sun and warm breezes, there is just so much to enjoy during this season.

Many, though, enjoy spending their time hiking on mountain trails, taking in the adrenaline of being so high up and relaxing in the cool breeze and greenery. When it comes to such activities, having the correct outfit is essential.

You cannot afford to be that far up and realize that your T-shirt was not such a good idea, and that maybe you should have brought your jacket as well. But who wears jackets in the middle of summer? Luckily, there are so many options when purchasing a jacket that can be summer appropriate.

Let’s say you’re not a fan of hiking either. Now what? Well, wherever you are going and whatever activity you will be engaging in, the importance of proper clothing is the same.

So, today we will introduce you to an outfit for men that is versatile, can be worn in many different occasions and sports and you can adapt it the way it suits you best.

We have included a polo shirt, a pair of shorts, a soft shell jacket, a hoodie, a swimsuit and a set of suitcases, so you will be able to carry as much as you would like with you, safely and easily.

The whole outfit and suitcases are from Geographical Norway, a very well-known brand for their sportive clothes and winter jackets.

Without anymore delay, let’s head right on to the outfit.

Geographical Norway Polo Kanker

Geographical Norway Polo Kanker Men



Firstly, we are starting off with the polo shirt of our choice, it’s the Kanker polo for men. It comes in the color sky blue, with lines of dark blue and white. The collar is folded, giving it the classical polo shirt look, with the three-button closure and in the color dark blue.

There are many logos on the shirt, with the brand’s name taking the most space, going all the way across the chest. There are logos on the upper left side of the chest, on the sleeves and a smaller one underneath the main logo, on the right side.

This is a very comfortable shirt, that will go well with many sportive pants and jackets. The material is 100% cotton.

Geographical Norway Cargo Short Pirouette Men

Geographical Norway Cargo Short Pirouette Men



For the pants, we have selected a pair of shorts, that come in a nice design. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. These pants are not a tight fit, which leaves room for more comfort during movement, therefore they will not be in the way when you are walking, running, hiking, or even just laying back and relaxing.

They are made of cotton, and come with a removable fabric belt, with hoop closures. There are four pockets on the front part. Two of them are located on the upper part, on the sides and the remaining two, are a bit oversized and close with flaps, and are located below the upper pockets. There are also two pockets on the back.

The length goes just above the knees and the pants close up with a zipper and a metallic button on top. There are three colors available: Black, Khaki and Beige.

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Softshell Jacket vs Fleece: Which One Is Better?

Softshell Jacket vs Fleece

So, you should choose a softshell jacket or a fleece one? If the time has come for you to purchase a new jacket and you have decided that you want it to be lightweight, not too heavy and not too thick, this question has probably come to your mind.

There are thousands of colors and designs available in stores, either locally or online, but the problem is, you are not sure which one of these two types of jackets is best suited for you.

In this article, we have researched both types and have compiled a sort of tutorial to help you in making the right choice.

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KTM Soft Shell Jacket: 8 Ideas for Men & Women

KTM Soft Shell Jacket for Men and Women

In today’s article we are introducing you to some nice KTM soft shell jackets for both men and women that can be used when practicing your favorite outdoor sport, also during this summer season, in the cooler days, why not.

Summer is the season of short sleeves and sunny days. Most people relate summer with the beach and short dresses and no one even considers jackets as an item to be worn during the season. Summer this year, though, is being a bit fussy, at least here in Italy, and for some of us, jackets have to be worn for a bit longer than previous years.

Maybe when we think of jackets, usually what comes to mind are those heavy winter jackets, with the fur lined hoods and down feather lining. They are most definitely not wearable during autumn, let alone summer.

Luckily, though, there are options available, and those that are most popular and suitable for breezy nights are softshell jackets. Lightweight, comfortable and highly breathable, they are a must-have for everyone, whether you are an active sporty person, or are simply planning on going out when it’s a bit cooler outside.

With so many brands out there and hundreds, if not thousands, of designs, patterns and colors, good softshell jackets are not hard to find. But they are tedious, however, because you need to look for the one that suits you best, whether it is in style, functionality or purpose.

The KTM jackets we’re presenting today are high quality jackets, with interesting designs and suitable for those who take exercising seriously. Some of the designs can even be worn casually, so look for the one that serves you best.

We will begin with the ladies’ selection and then head on to the jackets for men.

KTM Soft Shell Jackets for Women:

KTM Factory Team Jacket




The first one is this casual softshell, which comes in a color combination of dark grey, on the outside, and orange on the inside and main zipper. There are two zipper pockets on both sides and a chest pocket on the upper left. The sleeves go just beyond the wrists and have Velcro closure for better insulation and adjustment.

This jacket comes with a hood, which is not removable, but is adjustable with drawstrings. The material is water-resistant and windproof. You can wear this jacket for hiking, camping or on casual gatherings, basically anywhere you find suitable.

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Port Authority Core Soft Shell Jacket J317: A Review

Port Authority Core Soft Shell Jacket J317 Review

In today’s article we’re going to review the Port Authority Core Soft Shell Jacket J317 for men. We have written several articles, before this one, on the importance of softshell jackets and their purpose. We researched jackets from several brands (Geographical Norway, GORE, Trespass) and selected those that we deemed to be some of the best, when it comes to functionality, comfort and quality.

This is another article on the topic of softshell jackets, but unlike the previous ones, where we reviewed several jackets and their main features, in this one we will review a single jacket.

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7 Leather Jackets Ideas for Women


After our first article where we gave you some ideas of leather jackets for men, today we will continue with 7 more proposals, this time for women.

Leather jackets have been around for a really long time and they were firstly worn by men, and even today, people mostly picture leather jackets worn by bikers, or the classic movie type of “bad boy”. As the trend of wearing them gained popularity, wearing leather jackets crossed over to women’s fashion as well, and they became a unisex item, worn by both genders. The style also developed and nowadays it is not just for the biker or rocker style.

These jackets not only look very edgy and carefree, they are also quite comfortable to wear and go well with a lot of different styles. Even when it comes to matching them with different clothes, they fit right in, whether it’s pants, skirts or dresses.

Usually, leather jackets come in dark colors, but there are a multitude of styles and selections out there, which range not only in color but also in patterns and designs, as you will see in this article.

We have done our research and here we present seven jackets with the best user reviews, each different from the other. So if you are just getting into wearing them, or are a fan of this kind of jacket, these proposals will definitely catch your eye.

ONLY Bandit Jacket




The first one we are introducing, is the Bandit biker jacket from ONLY. It is a short jacket made of 50% faux leather and 50% Viscose material. The inner lining is made of polyester and there are four pockets on the outside of the jacket, with two being open pockets on the sides and the two others are zipper pockets on the chest.

The collar is short and closes with a snap button, which goes over the main zipper. The style of the jacket gives the look of a well-worn jacket, with all its wrinkles and folds, making it a very casual jacket, suitable to be worn with jeans. There are four colors available: Brown, White, Black and Beige.

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