10 Soft Shell Men Jackets for Sport Lovers

In this post we present 10 soft shell jackets for men from different brands. This type of jacket is perfect for all those men who love sports such as skiing, hiking excursions on foot or by mountain bike, golf, sailing or all the physical activities that need freedom of movement between different environments, internal and external.

First of all, what’s a Soft Shell jacket?

The Soft Shell is a material designed to protect against wind, snow, rain and also, it has a water-repellent function. This material allows effective perspiration and body temperature regulation. The fleece layer is warm, soft and comfortable in contact with the skin.

The advantages of owning a soft shell jacket are many, for example the fact that it’s windproof and breathable, it provides appropriate thermoregulation, it’s made with lightweight and elastic materials, etc. Also the Soft Shell material is water-repellent for protecting from snow and rain.

However, you must keep in mind that this material is not 100% waterproof and it doesn’t guarantee a 100% protection from the rain. The protection level depends from the jacket model and brand, so make sure you read carefully the characteristics before buying. Anyway, if you are looking for a 100% water protection, you should go for a Hard Shell jacket.

Among the qualities mentioned previously, we talked about elasticity and lightness of the material. These two features (as well as others) make the soft shell jackets ideal for sport lovers. In fact, their lightness and elasticity allows a perfect fit on the body, almost like a second skin, and it gives a perfect  freedom of action.

And now here are the 10 soft shell jackets that we have picked for you today:

Geographical Norway Soft Shell Jacket For Men Trimaran

Geographical Norway Soft Shell Jacket For Men Trimaran


  • Softshell jacket for men;
  • water and wind resistant PowerDry 4000/breathable;
  • detachable hood;
  • equipped inside with soft fleece;
  • material: 96% polyester 4% spandex;
  • lining: 100% polyester;
  • available in five colors: blue, black, red, dark grey and kiwi.

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10 Jack and Jones Men Jackets Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Today we present a collection of 10 Jack and Jones jackets for men to wear this fall/winter 2014-2015. Below you will find parkas, row bomber and caban jackets, in different colors from which you can choose what you like most.

Once again the brand Jack and Jones did not disappoint our expectations: beautiful models of jackets at an affordable price. Take a look at this wonderful collection and maybe among them, you’ll find the right jacket for you!

Jack and Jones Man Jacket Row Bomber

Jack and Jones Man Jacket Row Bomber


  • Quilted jacket for man;
  • 91% polyester, 9% polyamide;
  • long sleeve;
  • waterproof/winderproof/breathble;
  • available in six colors: blue, black, row bomber port royale, row bomber black, row bomber black navy and black.

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6 Beautiful Geographical Norway Women Parka

This winter 2014/2015 pamper yourself with one of these wonderful women jackets branded Geographical Norway. Also this year, the parka is a must have item that you should not miss in your wardrobe.  So, with these beautiful Geographical Norway parka coats that we’ve carefully picked, you will be fashionable and sure to have a warm winter!

Geographical Norway Woman Parka

Geographical Norway Woman Parka



  • Parka for woman;
  • 100% polyester;
  • Available in three colors: red, black and blue.

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Men’s Trend Fall/Winter 2014-2015: The Quilted Jacket

Today in this article, we’ll present one of the trends of this fall/winter 2014-2015: the quilted jacket. In fact, for the current season and the next, this old trend has come back but, to be honest, it has never really gone out of fashion.

The quilted jacket is perfect for the fall because it’s not the typical heavy padded jacket made ​​for low temperatures, even if recently you can also find warm quilted jackets for the winter season. In this regard, we have also included in this post some quilted jackets ideal for the winter; models like Geographical Norway, Blend, Brandit, Ozoone (j. style) and Wrangler (the protector).

As you will see from the jackets that we propose here, the colors to wear this year are warm shades: red, yellow, orange. But the color which absolutely prevails this fall/winter in men’s fashion is green in all of its shades, from lightest to darkest. In fact, here we propose the following green men jackets: Brandit (cold harbour), Camel Active (in olive), Ozoone (glo story).

Other colors such as blue and black, are a classic in men’s fashion, as these shades are very versatile and easily combinable to the rest of the wardrobe.

This fall/winter 2014-2015 give a touch of style to your look with one of these beautiful quilted jackets!

Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Jacket Mike 2014

Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Jacket Mike 2014


  • Quilted Jacket for man;
  • 100% polyester;
  • long sleeve;
  • care instructions: machine wash cold (30 ° max);
  • blue (midnight).

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9 Popular Geographical Norway Men Parkas

In this post we present some of the most popular Parkas for men on Amazon branded Geographical Norway. If you like the Geographical Norway brand, you absolutely can’t miss this amazing collection: 9 Parkas for men which have a large number of good reviews on Amazon.

Geographical Norway Men Parkas

Geographical Norway Outdoor Alaska Parka

Geographical Norway Outdoor Alaska Parka


  • Parka for man;
  • 100% polyester;
  • available in two colors: black and khaki;
  • closure: zipper;
  • lining: fleece.

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13 Geographical Norway Jackets You Have to See From Amazon Spain

Today we’ve compiled a collection of 13 beautiful Geographical Norway Jackets for men and women that you definitely have to check out right away. These jackets come from Amazon Spain and are mainly for spanish clients but many of them ship also in other countries.

The jackets come with a lot of shapes, colors and materials and will surely keep you warm during this winter. Also they have very accessible prices. So, check them out below and choose what you like best:

Men Jackets

Geographical Norway Caramel Jacket

Geographical Norway Caramel Jacket


  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees maximum.
  • Long Sleeve

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16 Beautiful The North Face Parka Coats

Over the years, The North Face brand has gained great popularity due to the creation of products of great quality and reliability. Today we present 16 parka signed The North Face, warm, confortable, waterproof but especially beautiful! Which of these would you like to wear this winter 2014?

The North Face Women Parka Coats

The North Face Women’s Arctic Parka (Graphite Grey and TNF Black)

The North Face Women's Arctic Parka (Graphite Grey and TNF Black)

  • Parka for women;
  • adjustable hood;
  • removable faux fur at fixed insulated hood;
  • available in two colors: graphite grey and TNF black.

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Moncler Jackets Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Today, we present  the latest arrivals of the brand Moncler for this fall/winter 2014-2015. As you all know, these jackets are famous for their quality and beauty of their design. In fact, these jackets are perfect for those looking for a product not only in line with their style but also comfortable, practical and warm.

Moncler Jackets Lady Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Moncler Down Jackets Gerboise (Grey and Black)

Moncler Down Jackets Gerboise (Grey and Black)

  • Down Jackets for women;
  • 100% polyamide;
  • available in two colors: grey and black.

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Geographical Norway Jackets Fall/Winter 2014-2015

This year, the brand Geographical Norway will certainly be able to conquer you with its colors, its patterns and the quality of its products. In fact, this trademark has created practical, warm, comfortable and beautiful jackets! Take a look below and you’ll hopefully find among these, the right jacket for you! Enjoy!

Norway Geographical Jackets For Ladies Fall Winter 2014-2015

Geographical Norway Short Winter Jacket Bugsy Lady (White, Blue and Black)

Geographical Norway Short Winter Jacket Bugsy Lady (White, Blue and Black)

  • Jackets for women;
  • 100% Polyester;
  • Available in three colors: white, blue and black.

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