The North Face McMurdo Parka for Men: Review

The North Face McMurdo Parka for Men: Review

If you have been keeping up with our articles, The North Face is one of the most mentioned and reviewed brands. A simple online research would show that we are certainly not the only ones who appreciate and recommend this brand’s items.

Lots of happy users and reviews are proof that this brand definitely deserves its good name. The quality is astounding, as are the designs. Especially the jackets. They are not only made to provide warmth, but also to fit comfortably and last for many seasons.

Today it is time for another review on one of their jackets, the McMurdo Parka for men. Not only is this jacket high quality, it is also quite stylish and versatile when it comes to different outfits it goes well with.

It comes with a lot of features, which we will be, as always, detailing them further down. By the end of this review, you will have a clear picture of this jacket’s specifics and qualities.

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Woolrich Blizzard Jacket for Men: Review

woolrich blizzard men down jacket review

Woolrich is a company established in 1830, by John Rich. The original wool mill was located in Pennsylvania, whereas now there are multiple stores in many different countries, including European ones.

This brand is renown for their high quality clothes and stylish designs, that remain elegant, apart from being practical and comfortable. Their very first popular item, was the Buffalo check shirt, a red and black checkered shirt, that is still a trend in today’s fashion.

In this article, we will be reviewing a down jacket of theirs, the Blizzard jacket for men, made of natural feathers and comes with a lining of natural fur.

There is plenty to say about this jacket, including its style, its purpose, and especially the material and other technicalities, all of which, will be detailed further down.

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8 Scandinavian Jacket Brands for the Cold Weather

Best Scandinavian Jacket Brands Rain Snow

Most of the readers are already acquainted with several Scandinavian brands and their jackets, either by having read, heard or even tried the jackets themselves.

It’s no news that these brands are some of the best out there, especially when it comes to winter gear. This might be related to the fact that they know quite well what a truly harsh weather is.

The brands selected for this article are eight. They are popular and renown for the high quality of their designs. As for style, the jackets for this selection are definitive eye-catchers, with different styles and lots of colors, because it is important to remain in style and looking good even when the rain will not stop.

The jackets are for both men and women, with unisex selections as well, so let’s head right into it.

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Review: Napapijri Skidoo Winter Jacket for Men

Napapijri Skidoo Winter Jacket Review Men

Our previous review article, featured a winter jacket from the brand Napapijri. They are renown not only for their quality, but also for the versatility and designs of their jackets.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at another jacket of theirs, the Skidoo jacket for men. This is one of their most well-known products, that comes in several colors, as well as a well-thought design. The fabric used is by Cordura, guaranteeing the highest of qualities and a high durability.

Since there is a lot to be said about it, let’s get right on to the specifics.

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Geographical Norway for Kids: 8 Beautiful Jackets

Geographical Norway Kids Jackets

Today it’s time for some jackets specifically designed for kids from the Geographical Norway brand.

We have selected eight beautiful jackets, that can be worn by girls and boys alike, with some being more boyish and some a bit more girlish. There are several designs and lots of colors, for your children to look and feel great this coming winter.

The jackets will include a fleece jacket, several down jackets and also ski jackets, for below zero temperatures, so you can rest assured that the kids will be kept warm and safe in harsh weather conditions.

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How To Measure A Jacket’s Size, Men & Women

How To Measure Jacket Size Men Women

If you are here, then you either own a jacket (or several), or you are looking to purchase one. Whether it is a sports jacket, a winter jacket or even a suit jacket, one of the most important things when it comes to buying one, is the size.

A jacket that fits too tight, or is too big will not only defeat the purpose of wearing it, it will also affect the whole look of your outfit. We have all been there, so that is why a guide like this is necessary.

There are several reasons as to why it is so important to wear the appropriate size when it comes to jackets. First of all, if it’s a winter jacket that is too large, not only will it not keep you warm, it will also affect insulation, and will even allow for rain or snow to get inside, which apart from being a nuisance, it can also put you at risk for low body temperature.

If it’s too tight, you either will not be able to wear it at all, or it will not allow for the proper clothes to be worn underneath, because it will not fit.

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Review: Napapijri Rainforest Winter Jacket for Men

Napapijri Rainforest Jacket Review

Following up with a review article, this time we are featuring the Rainforest Winter jacket by Napapijri. This brand has been featured before in our articles, with some jackets for every season.

The jacket being reviewed this time is one that just can not be overlooked. It comes in a minimalist style, with no overboard logos, patches or colors. Very easy to combine with any style you are going for and casual overall look, that goes well in most occasions.

It is long sleeved, in a loose fit design, that offers a lot of room for movement and it is not only very comfortable, it is also quite lightweight, which is not common for most winter jackets.

As always, we will go in-depth, taking a look at the details of the design, to determine the appropriate season, weather conditions and activities it is suitable for, as well as taking a look at the more technical details such as material, water repellency and durability.

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