8 Beautiful The North Face Toddler Jackets for Boys and Girls

8 Beautiful The North Face Toddler Jackets for Boys and Girls

In our selections you won’t come across children’s jackets often and we were thinking of slowly making up for that.

Today, we will look at 8 beautiful jackets for toddlers, for both boys and girls. Included there will be unisex options, too, because some of these designs are suitable to be worn by all toddlers. We have picked all of them from one single brand, The North Face.

A heavily featured brand in our selections and reviews, The North Face has some great jacket designs for all ages, including junior and younger options, hence this selection.

What we really liked about these jackets is the ID labels on the inside, where the child’s name can be written in order to keep them safe.

Now let’s take a look at what we have selected today for your toddlers.

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Parka vs. Jacket: What Is The Difference?

Parka vs. Jacket: What Is The Difference?

Roaming around the internet, you often come across different terms for practically the same thing and it does tend to get a little bit confusing.

You have seen various names for jacket types, such as softshells, hardshells, bomber, down and so on, and while at the end of the day they are all jackets, there are some distinct differences among them.

We looked at the differences between hardshells and softshells last week, so let us take a look at the overall comparison between a jacket and a parka.

As we already mentioned, there are several types of jackets which serve different purposes. For this reason, we will go through the main types briefly in order to have a better picture of why there are so many options.

Also, what exactly is a parka? Is it a jacket?

A quick online search through jackets for sale will tell you that yes, it is a jacket, then in another website it is referred to as a coat. So what is it, a coat or a jacket, and why are these words used interchangeably? Let’s take a look!

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8 Danish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Outdoor Activities

8 Danish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Outdoor Activities

Us over here at Norway Geographical are really enjoying our newest series of Scandinavian brands and we hope you are enjoying it, too. Most importantly, we hope these selections are helpful and that you can find the style and designs that fit your best.

The reason behind these selections is quite simple; Scandinavian brands have established a reputation for the quality of their designs, not only about being well-made, but also highly functional. Because of this, putting together a selection of some of the best brands from these countries is an easy way for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for.

We started with Norway and then moved on to Sweden. Today, it’s Denmark’s turn. We will be looking at 8 Danish brands and their key products, as well as go through a short history and introduction of each. After all, this is a selection of Danish brands that you should know.

As with the two previous selections, we picked these brands not solely for their technical sports jackets, but also based on versatility. Not everyone is looking for a jacket that is good only for sports and similar activities, so why not have something for everyone!

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Hardshell vs. Softshell Jackets: What’s the Difference? Which One To Choose?

Hardshell vs. Softshell Jackets: What's the Difference? Which One To Choose?

It’s time for another comparison between two different types of jackets, hard shell jackets and softshells.

So far we have looked at numerous softshells and also hard shell jackets in our comparisons, reviews and especially selections. These are two very different jackets, not only in design but also in performance because each of them serves a different purpose.

We thought it would be interesting to not simply look at each separately and then compare them to each other, but to also look at how to choose the right softshell or hard shell jacket that will fit your needs and requirements best.

Let’s get started with an in-depth view of each, so you will learn a bit more about their specifics and technical details.

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7 Swedish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Your Outdoor Adventures

7 Swedish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Your Outdoor Adventures

Continuing with another selection of different Scandinavian brands, today we will be looking at Sweden’s top outdoor clothing brands.

Last week we went through some great Norwegian brands that you may have not come across before and we looked at their history and some particular products that they specialize in.

This follow-up selection will continue along the same lines as its predecessor. We have included 7 brands that you should definitely know more about.

Over here on our website we are quite fond of Scandinavian brands because they design some fantastic outdoor clothing and gear. As you can see from our other selections, we focus mainly on jackets but that will not be a limiting factor in today’s selection.

We aimed for versatile brands so that each and everyone among you can find something that suits their preference and style. It doesn’t have to be just an outdoor sportive jacket or clothing, but also a statement and fashion piece, too.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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How To Clean A Canada Goose Jacket – A Useful Guide

How To Clean A Canada Goose Jacket - A Useful Guide

With summer officially here, you’d think us crazy for continuing to discuss jackets at a time like this, let alone parkas and down jackets.

Well, we understand that, but what’s the harm in being prepared beforehand for the harsh season of winter?

When buying a winter jacket, like everyone else, we too weigh the pros and cons of each jacket and price, of course, is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. And just like everyone else, the thought of how a particular jacket is going to be maintained and cleaned does not really cross our minds.

After all, if it is the right price and fulfills the requirements, that’s all that matters at that moment.

While this is not a big issue with most jackets, when it comes to some jackets in particular, it can easily become a turning point. Take for example down jackets. They are notorious for being very bothersome to maintain and wash.

So much so, in fact, that many people opt for dry cleaning services, just so they will not have to deal with the trouble of washing a down jacket, and that is completely understandable.

In previous articles, we have compiled several guides on washing and maintaining particular jackets in their best conditions and today we will be doing the same, as you have already seen in the title. We will be taking a look at how to best care for and clean a Canada Goose jacket.

This is important, as a matter of fact, because not only will you be dealing with goose down if you own or will own a Canada Goose jacket, but there is also real fur involved. And to top it all off, these jackets are very expensive, which only adds to the list, frankly.

In today’s guide you will learn all the tips and steps you should know in order to help your Canada Goose jacket last for decades, as it is supposed to.

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The North Face McMurdo III vs Gotham III: 2 Men’s Parkas Compared

The North Face McMurdo III vs Gotham III: 2 Men's Parkas Compared

It’s been a while since our last comparison review so it is finally time for another head to head comparison of two jackets.

In the previous ones we have looked at jackets that were from different brands, so we thought it would be interesting if we were to compare two parkas from the same brand. For that reason, we have selected Gotham III and McMurdo III, two parkas by The North Face.

Few brands have been so frequently featured in our articles and reviews as The North Face. We are fascinated by this brand’s jackets because they perform very well in different conditions and are also very well-made.

Let’s get started with today’s picks.

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