8 Best 700 Fill Power Down Jackets For Men & Women in 2018

8 Best 700 Fill Power Down Jackets For Men & Women in 2018

It’s all about down jackets in our website lately and we are continuing along the same lines today also. We will be going through 8 jackets by two brands, The North Face and Marmot, with options for both men and women.

Today’s topic is specifically about 700 fill power Down insulation.

What fill power indicates, is the jacket’s ability to provide warmth and its compressibility. The higher the fill power, the less is needed to provide insulation and the better it compresses.

The type of down also plays a role, with Goose being of higher quality and better at insulating, whereas Duck is a lot more durable and suffers less ability loss when wet.

700 fill power falls in the middle of the quality range, if we were to call it that. 900 being the highest that is easy to find and 550 being the typical fill power you will come across.

This rating is great at providing warmth at a very light weight, and it compresses adequately, without too much fuss and most importantly, without damage.

We will get started with the men’s selection of The North Face jackets and move on to Marmot afterwards.

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8 Best Hawke & Co Down Jackets Reviewed, for Men and Women

8 Best Hawke & Co Down Jackets Reviewed, for Men and Women

In a very recent selection of packable jackets we included a new jacket on our site, Puffer II by a new brand, Hawke & Co.

Hawke & Co. is an American brand established in 1958, in New York. They manufacture different clothing, functionality and performance being their main focus. Their designs, especially the jackets, are intended for multipurpose use.

By that we mean that you can wear one jacket for a casual outing with friends, to work and for a night out. They are that versatile, which is not something you come across everyday.

Today we have picked 8 jackets that you must know about. There are 4 options for men and 4 for women.

Let’s get started right away with the men’s jackets, which are all puffer jackets in style, each with its own specifics.

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Geographical Norway Atlas vs Napapijri Skidoo: Two Men’s Jackets Compared

Geographical Norway Atlas vs Napapijri Skidoo: Two Men's Jackets Compared

The previous two articles were all about guides and tips, whereas today it’s time to look at two jackets and how they compare to each other. It’s another comparison review, this time between Atlas by Geographical Norway and Skidoo by Napapijri.

Neither of the brands is a first timer in our reviews and selections, nor are the jackets. Both of them, Atlas and Skidoo have been previously reviewed on their own. That’s why we thought it would be interesting to look at their qualities and how they compare to one another, after knowing each of their specifics and how they perform.

Geographical Norway is probably the most recurring brand in our website, along with a few others, so we doubt there is any need for long introductions. It is one of the top-selling brands online when it comes to outdoor clothing and gear, especially winter jackets.

Their designs are always impressive and highly functional, as you will also see in this review.

Napapijri is also a European brand, which not only designs winter jackets, but also casual wear clothes and apparel for everyone.

It is an Italian brand established in 1987 and now they are worldwide famous for their quality and unique clothing designs. Skidoo is their most renowned jacket design and the brand’s best advocate of quality and performance.

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Is It Worth It Buying a Waterproof Running Jacket?

Is It Worth It Buying a Waterproof Running Jacket?

Welcome back to our newest article and today’s piece will be done a bit differently. We are fond of compiling guides for you to learn new things and understand technicalities better, so here we are again, but with a discussion this time.

Today’s topic will settle the matter of whether you actually need a running jacket and even more so, whether you need a waterproof one specifically.

Running is the most popular physical activity, along with walking and most people prefer running in nature. It helps both your body and your mind by helping you become healthier, calmer and happier.

There is a downside to running in nature, however, and that is the weather. This becomes more of a problem during rainy or snowy weather as not only are you working hard against the terrain, but now you have to worry about getting wet, too.

That is why waterproof jackets were developed, to keep you warm and dry despite the weather. For those who might not know, there are also jackets specifically for running.

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Duck Down vs Goose Down Jacket: A Useful Guide

Duck Down vs Goose Down Jacket: A Useful Guide

Welcome back to another guide about jackets. We have done waxing, differences on softshells and fleece jackets and several others, full of tips on what to look for, so that you can make an educated decision on what you are purchasing.

We recently updated one of our articles on packable down jackets, while also including a short guide on how to choose and pack this particular type of jacket.

Continuing along the same lines, as per the title, today we will be taking a good look at down insulation and its two distinct types: goose and duck down.

This is because you will come across this matter often when looking for clothing or other products that have down filling for insulation. There usually is a price difference, too, if you are to notice it and there are several reasons for it.

In previous articles we have also mentioned the differences between down and synthetic insulations, but we haven’t gone too in-depth about down itself and how resourcing it from different birds affects the performance.

Let’s firstly take a look at down itself and some of its key characteristics, and then later continue with the specifics of goose and duck down.

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13 Best Men’s Packable Down Jackets Reviewed for Your Next Trip

Best Men's Packable Down Jackets Reviewed

Time for a new selection for the gents of our site and we’ll be continuing with Down jackets. The catch here is that they are packable. What this does is save you packing space when travelling.

Down jackets are the best option during winter weather, but often, those who travel tend to avoid bringing one with them because of the puffiness and space they occupy. This is why we chose 13 of the best packable down jackets, so you will not have to carry extra sweaters or suffer from the cold in your next trip.

Let’s get started right away and take a look at our selection:

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Helly Hansen Dubliner vs The North Face McMurdo Men’s Parka Compared

Helly Hansen Dubliner vs The North Face McMurdo Men's Parka Compared

We’ll do another parka comparison in this article, and this one is between Helly Hansen’s Dubliner and The North Face’s McMurdo parka.

They are similarly priced, first and foremost, so their own specific features is what will make the difference.

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand, which specializes not only in outdoor gear and clothing for sports, but also for those who work in the mountains and oceans. It was founded in 1877, so they have more than a century’s worth of experience.

Just like The North Face, which is an American producer of outdoor clothing, Helly Hansen, too, has developed its very own fabrics and we will be looking at Helly Tech in a few minutes.

The North Face makes its fourth appearance in our comparison reviews and unlike the previous ones, today it’s McMurdo‘s turn.

As mentioned above, this American company designs quality outdoor products and it was founded in 1968, originally targeting backpackers, climbers and then later skiers and campers.

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