8 Naketano Jackets, Pullovers, Hoodies and Parkas for Women

best naketano jackets pullovers hoodies parkas women

Keeping winter clothing stylish, in today’s article we will be introducing you to Naketano, the German brand that manufactures a variety of outdoors clothes, such as jackets, hoodies, pullovers and overalls. With good reviews and a well-established reputation for quality, this selection for women will surely make you want to have them all.

The selection will include various clothing suitable for mild to freezing temperatures. We will start with the hoodies, pullovers and then move on to the jackets and conclude everything with the parka, so you will have a choice for both autumn and winter seasons.

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Geographical Norway Jackets: New Arrivals, Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017 (Updated)

geographical norway jackets new arrivals fall winter 2016 2017

With the fall season upon us, Geographical Norway has released some new jackets in their collection to wear this Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017.

We will be reviewing nine of their newest jackets, five of which are for men and four for women. There will be included softshells, quilted and winter jackets, as well as a parka for women.

These designs are highly functional, as always, and will suit perfectly to your requirements, whether you are looking for a quality winter jacket, a light autumn jacket, or a sports jacket.

Let’s begin with the women’s selection of four jackets.

Update: We have added 8 new jackets to the selection.

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BGSD Clothing: 8 Coats and Jackets Reviewed for Men & Women

bgsd clothing coats jackets review men women

It’s officially winter! Although, we could have said the same during the past month as well, to be quite honest. Here we are again with another wonderful selection of winter coats and jackets, to keep you warm during the freezing temperatures.

The brand of today is a newcomer, an U.S.A. brand called BGSD. They sell their products online and, based on the reviews and opinions of those who have purchased and tried this brand’s clothing, these jackets seem warm and of good quality.

In the collection we have selected eight of their best jackets and coats for men and women.

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Jack & Jones Meyland Tech Winter Parka for Men: Review

jack and jones meyland tech winter parka men review

Continuing along the same lines of the best waterproof jackets, this time we will be reviewing a men’s jacket by Jack & Jones.

A short introduction on the brand, it was established in 1990, when their men’s collection excels at Oslo’s fashion fair at the time. The brand, then, proceeds to become one of the most popular jeans brands in the following years, whereas today, they have several hundred stores in 38 countries.

They manufacture outdoor clothing, including footwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts and several others. One of their most popular line of designs are their winter jackets, whose quality and trendy styles make these jackets a must-have, for anyone looking to purchase an item that will last for years.

As for the jacket that we have selected today, it is the Meyland Tech, a waterproof and versatile winter parka. This is a previously featured parka in our jacket collections, but you will see as to why it deserves its very own review.

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Best Hardshell Waterproof Jackets: 8 Proposals for Men and Women

best hardshell waterproof jackets men women

Rain is upon us… literally, and that brings us to the importance of remaining dry during such times. Well, what better way to achieve that, than wearing waterproof jackets?

In this article we will be taking a look and review some of the best hardshell jackets for this winter, which are comfortable, warm, stylish and completely waterproof. These are jackets to be worn as either the to-go jacket for this winter season, or even during sports and outdoor activities.

The style and design are versatile and we have picked them from some of the best outdoor clothing brands, as you will see below. There will be a selection for both men and women, so without further ado, here we go:

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8 Trespass Winter Jackets for Men, Women and Kids

trespass best winter jackets men women kids

Time for the thick, quilted jackets that you cannot help but love, and these ones are by Trespass. This is a previously reviewed brand by us, where we took a look at some of their best softshell jackets for sports.

The brand was established in 1938 in Glasgow, Scotland, at first providing uniforms and clothing for companies. The brand itself, at first was a branch of Jacobs & Turner Ltd., then in 1984 they created a brand dedicated to outdoor clothing and called it Trespass.

Despite being one of the most well-known brands of their time, they didn’t just stop at what were already best sellers by their company, but instead began developing new trademarked fabrics, including Tres-tex, Coldheat, AirTrap, etc.

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Best Parka For Women: 8 Jackets Reviewed For This Winter

best winter parkas for women reviewed

Most of us had different plans for this time of year and related to November as the cozy month in-between the dampness of autumn and coldness of winter. Well, the freezing temperatures are here early and it is that time of year: Parka time.

“Oh, but we are not in winter yet! We need another month!” some might argue. The problem is, though, when we say freezing temperatures, we are not exaggerating!

In this article, we will be reviewing eight different parka jackets for women from the best we could find. Because we like to keep it stylish over here, rest assured that we have taken their look and design into consideration. You’ll see!

Another great thing about these parkas, apart from how good they look, is their material and cut. They are designed to be lightweight and resemble a typical winter jacket, while having all the features of a quality parka.

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