How To Wash A North Face Jacket: A Useful Guide

How To Wash North Face Jacket Guide

Today’s article is a useful guide where we’ll learn about how to wash a jacket the right way and, specifically, we will be discussing about The North Face jackets’ cleaning specifics. This will be a handy guide, for those of you who are regular users of this brand, but also for those who have bought a jacket of theirs, and are looking into how to properly maintain it.

With every new piece of clothing we purchase, what we mostly focus on is the material, the colors, the design and of course, the features and specifics it comes with. We judge clothes by how comfortable they will be when they are being worn, or by how good they go with your favorite pair of shoes or jeans.

What is rarely taken into consideration is how to clean the item we are about to buy. This is definitely not something to overlook, because when it comes to washing clothes, several things should be taken into account.

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Saucony Nomad Running Jacket Review, Men & Women

Saucony Nomad Running Jacket Review Men Women

For today’s review we have another jacket, but this time, one designed specifically for runners. It’s the Nomad Jacket by Saucony for men and women. This brand specializes in running gear and their jackets are certainly worth a look, especially for those who enjoy running, no matter the weather.

We will be discussing the purpose of wearing this jacket, its features, as well as during which season and occasion it is more advisable to be worn. Also we’ll talk about the colors available, the material it is made of and the user reviews & feedback.

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Geographical Norway Traveler Outfit For Women, Summer Version

Geographical Norway Travel Outfit Women Summer

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article where we presented a summer outfit for men by Geographical Norway, for those who like travelling. Today it’s time for a new outfit suggestion, and this one is for the ladies.

This outfit is focused on the upper body and it will include T-shirts and several light jackets, suitable for summer. We have left the choice of pants, shorts and skirts up to you!

The selected jackets can be worn in different conditions and we have put several, in order to make the decision easier, based on when to wear them and what specifics they come with.

There will also be included, just like in the previous article, a set of travelling suitcases, where you can store your valuables and clothes, to carry them around wherever you are going. Let’s head right on to the selection.

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The North Face Thermoball Jacket Review, Men & Women

The North Face Thermoball Jacket Review, Men and Women

It is time for another review article. Today we will be reviewing a jacket that comes with a lot of features, and weighs only 330 grams (11.64 oz). It is the The North Face Thermoball Full Zip jacket for men and women.

Much like the previous jacket reviews, in this one we will be breaking down each feature of this product, focusing on material, colors and usage. There will also be the user feedback, a very useful paragraph, which helps in having a better understanding of this jacket and in determining whether it might be a good choice for your necessities.

In general, we can say that this is not a down jacket, despite the quilted design on the outside, which gives it the classic down jacket look. Instead, it comes in a synthetic insulation, PrimaLoft, which, unlike in most jackets, it is distributed and placed differently, therefore giving this jacket its special features. Now, let’s head right to the specifics.

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s.Oliver Jackets: 8 Best Ideas for Men and Women

s.Oliver Jackets: 8 Best Ideas for Men and Women

In today’s article, we’ll present you another collection including some of the best jackets from s.Oliver, a German brand founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier.

While this brand started as a small one, today it is well-known and with multiple collections and items. It is not limited to just jackets, but also produces and sells shoes, accessories, apparel, fragrances and also perfume.

The jackets we have selected for this article are eight, four for women and four for men. They include choices and options not only for autumn and winter, but also for spring and the cool nights of summer.

We aimed to select different types, so there will be a variety of options when it comes to style, design and season.

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Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men: Review

Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men: Review

The next article in our jacket review series will be featuring the Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor jacket for men.

For those of you who have not come across the term “softshell”, it typically refers to lightweight sport jackets, that are highly breathable and mildly weatherproof. They provide protection against the elements to a considerable extent.

Usually a softshell jacket is used as a middle layer, underneath a heavier winter jacket, such as a parka, for example. But most of the modern designs can be worn as jackets on their own, provided that the temperatures are suitable.

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11 Ways Walking Changes Our Bodies (For The Better)

How Walking Changes Our Bodies (For The Better)

We have all heard about the benefits of exercising. They are indisputable and definitely necessary. With so many illnesses and the obesity cases at frightening numbers, there is an immediate need for proper education when it comes to types of exercising and their benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the ways walking changes our bodies, leading to a healthier life and lowering the risks of disease. After writing about jackets, and sport jackets in particular, in this post we wanted to see why walking and exercising is so important.

Many of the people who exercise regularly can list a lot of reasons why, to them, working out has become a routine activity. From getting fit, to feeling less stressed out, the reasons go on and on.

When it comes to walking, though, there are some that consider it to be sort of a useless form of exercising. Because it’s not as challenging as running, and does not help in building upper body muscles, it is more than often overlooked.

However, there are numerous studies, which prove that walking has many benefits and is the best starting exercise for beginners.

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