Canada Goose Chilliwack VS The North Face Gotham: Which One Is Better?

Canada Goose Chilliwack VS The North Face Gotham

With temperatures still low, and in some places dropping further, the need for a good winter coat is much more immediate. We have put together numerous selections that cover all of your needs and wants, and will continue to do so, surely, but we thought it would be best to now look at how certain jackets compare to each other.

With that said, welcome to our newest format: Comparisons. Here we will be looking at different jackets, their specifics and then take a serious look at which one would best suit you, depending on how they differ from each other.

To start things off, we have picked not only two high-end brands, but also two incredible jackets that are both highly recommended by bloggers and reviewers.

We are talking about Canada Goose’s Chilliwack jacket VS. The North Face’s Gotham jacket.

It will be an interesting comparison, as you will see, because as much as these jackets differ from each other, they are also very much alike in certain regards. Both are insulated with real Down, for example.

The comparison format will be separated into specific paragraphs, which make it easier to get a better idea on each of them. Let’s start with the specifics of each, first.

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How To Wash A Columbia Jacket: A Useful Guide

How To Wash A Columbia Jacket: A Useful Guide

Welcome back to another guide! It’s sure been a while, but we like to take our time when it comes to compiling detailed and useful guides for you.

Several months ago we did another similar piece: a guide on how to wash The North Face jackets. There we looked at a variety of different jackets from the brand, which serve as a general “to keep in mind” collection of tips for other jackets, too.

However, since most of you who have brand jackets would rather have the specifics on washing that particular jacket, here we are again.

Today it’s all about Columbia, a brand that never disappoints and that has frequently made it into our reviews and selections.

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8 Best Mountain Warehouse Jackets in 2018 for Men & Women Reviewed

Best Mountain Warehouse Jackets 2018 Men Women Reviewed

Us over here at are quite fond of high-performance jackets. What we mean by that is well-made jackets that are able to withstand different conditions, while also helping you be at peak performance during different activities.

And this not just for sportsmen, but also regular people who enjoy being outdoors.

As such, here we are yet again with another selection of 8 jackets, with options for men and women. While we usually go with mixed brands, occasionally, such as today, we have picked one specific brand to take a look at.

Meet Mountain Warehouse, a brand that is frequently part of our selections due to their jackets. It was founded in 1997 by Mark Neale in UK. They design and sell outdoor clothing and footwear for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, camping, etc.

Their products are available both online and locally in the UK and North America and you can get firsthand advice by their professional staff, which will help you choose exactly what you want and need.

Today’s selection will feature different jackets for different requirements, including softshells, fleece jackets and waterproof ones.

And a side note, as of today, we’re introducing a new segment into some of our selections, where we take a look at some frequently asked questions about a specific brand or product. This way, you can make a better choice when buying a product, especially online.

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Berghaus Men’s Cornice Interactive Waterpoof Jacket – Review

Berghaus Men's Cornice Interactive Waterpoof Jacket - Review

For today’s review we have chosen a jacket designed for hikers and climbers. Designed by Berghaus, Cornice III is a high-performance jacket that adapts to your needs, activity and the weather outdoors.

Berghaus, much like other quality brands, began by avid lovers of nature and sports who were unsatisfied with what the market at the time had to offer. It all began in 1966 with outdoor gear, then rucksacks and today they have a wide range of products that are made of high quality and perform flawlessly each and every time.

We chose Cornice III for men who enjoy climbing mountains, hiking out in the woods and just simply love being outdoors. Let’s take a look at why this jacket made it into our review!

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9 Cheaper Alternatives to The North Face Denali, Thermoball and Metropolis Jackets

Cheaper Alternatives to The North Face Denali, Thermoball, Metropolis Jackets

The North Face is an American brand that many of you are acquainted with, either in person or by browsing online. It is a brand that we feature often in reviews and selections due to the quality and performance of their outdoor gear, especially jackets.

While their quality of products is indisputable, they often come at a price that not everyone can afford.

Are these prices justified? Absolutely! But if you are an occasional outdoor camper or hiker, for example, or you are just getting started with sports, you might want to start off with something less pricey.

And that’s exactly what we will be looking at today.

We scoured through Amazon and are very happy to report that there are indeed quality alternatives to some of The North Face’s most popular jackets. And not just from any brand!

They are all affordable and come with very good online reviews, so you can rest assured that we chose only the best! Take a look:

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8 Best The North Face Down Jackets for Winter 2018 Reviewed

8 Best The North Face Down Jackets for Winter 2018 Reviewed

Welcome back everyone to our first collection of 2018. We know you all love Down jackets and that’s why today we will be taking a look at some interesting choices.

This is an 8-piece selection, as per usual, by a single brand this time. We chose The North Face, a recurring name in our reviews and articles. This American brand never ceases to impress us and its trusted customers with their innovative designs.

Their jackets and outdoor gear perform beautifully in different weather and environmental conditions, and come packed with features for outdoor lovers.

Today’s selection will feature 8 jackets for men and women, with options for those who don’t prefer real down in their jackets.

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Columbia Frost-Fighter Puffer Jacket for Men – Review

Columbia Frost-Fighter Puffer Jacket for Men - Review

Continuing with another men’s jacket single review, we have picked Frost-Fighter by Columbia.

In the (unlikely) event that this is the first time you have come across Columbia, this American brand has all you’d ever need for a great time outdoors.

With high performance in mind and clothes that withstand any weather and environment, it is most certainly a brand you should know about.

They design some of the most versatile outdoor clothing, all of which are tried and tested to guarantee that you will only get the very best the brand has to offer.

Such is the case with Frost-Fighter, a puffer jacket that you are going to love.

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