8 Best Men’s Packable Down Jackets Reviewed for Your Next Trip

Best Men's Packable Down Jackets Reviewed

Time for a new selection for the gents of our site and we’ll be continuing with Down jackets. The catch here is that they are packable. What this does is save you packing space when travelling.

Down jackets are the best option during winter weather, but often, those who travel tend to avoid bringing one with them because of the puffiness and space they occupy. This is why we chose 8 of the best packable down jackets, so you will not have to carry extra sweaters or suffer from the cold in your next trip.

Let’s get started right away and take a look at our selection:

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Fjallraven Women’s Iceland Anorak Jacket – Review

Fjallraven Women's Iceland Anorak Jacket Review

This next article is a single review, as it is now routine in our website. The reason we are fond of single reviews is because they allow you to take a better look at some great jackets, that you might miss otherwise.

Continuing along the same type of jackets as our latest selection, the jacket we will be looking at today is Iceland Anorak by Fjällräven. Those of you familiar with our site, have come across both the brand and this jacket in previous reviews and selections.

Iceland Anorak is a heavy Winter jacket, made of top quality materials, technology and craftsmanship.

While to some, the price might be a bit discouraging, we’d say to take into consideration how much it would cost, over the long run, to purchase a new jacket yearly for less money. This won’t be the case with this jacket, as it is designed for durable wear, to last for years and years to come.

Well, time to see what Iceland Anorak is all about!

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Best Down Jackets for Women: 10 Proposals Reviewed

Best Down Jackets for Women Reviewed

Our search for great jackets is always in process and to help you be better prepared for this Fall and upcoming Winter, we are bringing you another selection of down jackets.

Back in late January, we took a look at some great Down jackets for men. Today, it is the ladies’ turn and we have selected 10 jackets from some of the best brands online. They vary in style and performance, giving a variety of options for different preferences.

A note before we start: when looking for a quality Down jacket, always make sure to purchase one which is at the very least highly resistant against water. This is important not because you run the risk of getting wet, but even if it doesn’t come to that, the Down filling will definitely get wet. Wet Down loses all of its insulating abilities and you’ll run the risk of hypothermia.

With that being said, all of the options you will find in this selection are water-resistant and it’s now time to get started.

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8 Beautiful Berghaus Jackets Reviewed, for Men & Women

Beautiful Berghaus Jackets Reviewed Men Women

Following up our latest jacket selection, today we also have 8 great options for you to try out this Autumn and Winter.

As always, we chose based on quality and performance, which in turn makes for a versatile selection, with various options for different activities.

This is another one-brand selection and today you will be introduced to Berghaus. This brand was founded in the 1970’s as a rucksack manufacturer. They were one of the first brands to use Gore-Tex® fabrics in their products.

Later on, they introduced the Gemini jacket and that’s when it all started. Today, Berghaus manufactures a variety of outdoor gear and clothing and are one of the top choices of athletes around the world.

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Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Women’s Coat – Review

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Women's Coat - Review

Fall is officially here and now it is the perfect time to look for jackets and coats, as the temperatures continue to drop. In this week’s single review, we will be looking at a beautiful jacket for the ladies, by Jack Wolfskin, called Iceguard.

We previously reviewed another jacket by the same brand, the Iceland men’s jacket. Jack Wolfskin is a recurring brand in our reviews and their products speak for themselves. Whether it is quality, design or performance, their jackets have it all.

Today’s selection is Iceguard, a lovely knee-length coat that can be worn in late Autumn and throughout Winter. That’s all we will be saying as an introduction for the jacket, so let’s get started with the review.

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8 Patagonia Jackets to Stay Warm & Dry this Autumn / Winter 2017 – 2018

Patagonia Jackets Autumn Winter 2017 2018 men women

Now that Summer is almost gone, we start to become a lot more conscious about the seasons to come, especially Winter. Jackets, boots and sweaters are must-haves no matter where you live and so the search begins to find the best quality for the price.

Today we will be looking at 8 different jackets, for men and women. They are by the same brand, Patagonia and we will get right into it after a short introduction.

Patagonia is an American brand founded in 1973. They design a variety of outdoor clothing and gear. In the beginning, the brand catered to climbers, whereas now, every outdoors lover can find something for their favorite activities and preferences.

Another thing to note is the brand’s environmental awareness, as they do their best to reduce pollution by using recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Time to see what we have picked for you:

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Jack Wolfskin Men’s Iceland Jacket – Review

Jack Wolfskin Men's Iceland Jacket Review

Outdoors lovers unite once again, for this time we have one of the most impressive jackets you will come across. We are talking about Iceland, a 3-in-1 jacket by Jack Wolfskin.

For those unacquainted with the brand, Jack Wolfskin is a German producer of outdoor gear, such as clothes and different equipment for camping, hiking, mountain climbing and any other sport out there. While they started out as a company that sold exclusively to specialist stores, now there are over 600 Jack Wolfskin stores all over the world. The brand is currently owned by The Blackstone Group, an American company.

We selected Iceland, as it is a high performance jacket, which can easily adapt to different requirements, be it weather conditions and environmental conditions. Much like most of our single-reviewed jackets, Iceland has been previously featured in some of our selections.

Without any further ado, let’s check it out!

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