Canadian Peak by Geographical Norway: The Best Jackets

Canadian Peak by Geographical Norway - The Best Jackets

In today’s article, we will be featuring some new products and we don’t mean new just for our website. They are brand new on Amazon as well. Geographical Norway has recently launched a new line of outdoor clothing by the name of Canadian Peak, which comes with innovative designs at a reasonable price, considering the quality and performance of these products.

From this new collection, we have selected several of their best jackets, for you to take a look at.

However, because Canadian Peak is still being updated with new products, we will also keep updating this selection, to feature their newest and best jacket designs. For now, the ones selected are detailed below.

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Wantdo Women’s Fleece Ski Jacket – Review

Wantdo Women's Fleece Ski Jacket - Review

In our previous review articles, the brands featured have always been quite well-known and were founded many years ago, some even more than half a century ago. This time, we thought to change things up a bit, seeing as it is only fair that we come into the modern days, with a brand established in 2009 by the name of Wantdo.

They manufacture different clothing and accessories, such as jackets, parkas, swimwear, dresses, scarves, shawls, beanies, socks and even underwear. With such a wide array of products, and at very affordable prices, it should come as no surprise that this brand’s popularity is increasing.

By now, you know what we like to look at in these reviews, so continuing with the women’s review articles, we have selected the Mountain Fleece Ski jacket by this brand.

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7 Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets Reviewed, Men and Women

Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets Reviewed, Men and Women

Time for a look at some ski jackets and Helly Hansen is our brand of choice for today. We have compiled a selection of seven of their best ski jackets, for men and women. They are highly functional jackets, waterproof and with quality materials, that will make you wish you could ski all year round.

All of them are designed to perform perfectly, despite weather conditions, low temperatures and dangerous terrains, keeping you protected at all times, so you can spend the day carefree and enjoying yourself.

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Columbia Women’s Lay D Down Ski Jacket – Review

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket review

Just when you think that maybe, just maybe the weather will soften up a bit and warm up, the temperatures drop again. And you know what that means for us: jacket hunt.

After an extensive look all over Amazon, for a ladies’ jacket that will completely stun anyone running into this review, we are pleased to announce that we have, indeed, found it.

Ladies, meet Lay D, possibly one of the best winter jackets! We sound a bit cocky, don’t we? Well, what if we told you that this jacket was designed by Columbia, a sportswear company based in Portland, Oregon.

This brand manufactures a variety of outdoor clothing, for any weather and any sport. Whether you are a fan of hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping or just plain and simply enjoy the outdoors, this is definitely the brand.

They take pride in their quality of products, which are tested under extreme conditions to guarantee that the outcome is nothing short of perfect and gets the “Tested Tough” seal. With their motto being “It’s perfect, now make it better”, it should come as no surprise that they receive stellar reviews and are held at such a high standard.

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8 Best Jack Wolfskin Jackets for your Outdoor Adventures, Men and Women

jack wolfskin best jackets outdoors men women

We have previously discussed and reviewed several Jack Wolfskin products and today we have handpicked eight of this brand’s jackets for outdoor activities, in a mixed selection for men and women.

These high quality and versatile jackets, will certainly make you reconsider and you can rest assured that there is definitely something that will suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Let’s get started right away with the men’s selection.

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The North Face Evolution II Triclimate Jacket for Men – Review

review the north face evolution ii triclimate men jacket

To start off this year’s single review articles, we will be taking a look at one of the most interesting jackets, when it comes to design and features. We are reviewing Evolution II Triclimate for men by The North Face.

For those of you familiar with our reviews, you are well aware of our fascination with this brand’s products and it is a recurring choice in most of the articles of the website.

And for those who are newcomers, first of all welcome to our page! Secondly, The North Face is an American brand established in 1966, that manufactures outerwear, footwear, coats, shirts and different equipment like backpacks, sleeping bags and other mostly camping or hiking related gear.

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