Alpha Industries Explorer N3B Winter Parka for Men – Review

Alpha Industries Explorer N3B Winter Parka Men Review

We are quickly approaching winter and now it is the perfect time to start looking for parkas and winter jackets. For this week’s single review we have chosen a lovely parka for men, by Alpha Industries. We will be looking at Explorer N-3B, a previously featured jacket in one of our selections.

Explorer N-3B is a top quality jacket in design, fabric and performance. It is part of the N-3B series, which began in the mid 1950s, with several jackets for the air crews that had to fly in extremely cold climates.

As you will see more in-depth when we get into the fabric and material details, nowadays these jackets have a polyester interlining, whereas in the beginning it was made out of wool.

These jackets were later launched for regular customers in the 1980s and now there are numerous design variations of the original N-3B model jacket. Time to get started on Explorer N-3B!

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8 High Quality Wellensteyn Jackets and Parkas for this Winter, Men & Women

Wellensteyn Jackets Parkas for Winter Men Women

Moving on to a new selection of jackets, this one is going to be interesting as we will be looking at both new products, as well as a new brand. There are 8 quality jackets chosen for this selection, for both men and women, by the brand Wellensteyn.

As we usually do, let’s get familiarized with the brand first and then move on to the jackets.

Wellensteyn is a German brand, founded over 60 years ago in Norderstedt. They are one of the most popular brands in Northern Europe, whose reputation grew quickly, as their products became a favorite among port workers across the Baltic Sea.

Nowadays they have a vast collection of over 400 designs and products, made of the finest materials and technology. Let’s go ahead and see what are our top choices for this Winter.

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7 Best Women’s Packable Down Jackets Reviewed For Your Next Trip

Best Women's Packable Down Jackets Review

A few days ago we took a look at some down jackets for men, suitable for travelling. Well, this selection is for the ladies.

A brief introduction to what we will be looking at is in order. These down jackets are packable, which means less occupied space in your suitcase. A great feature for those looking to travel to cold areas, so there won’t be the need for extra baggage, or leaving other necessary items behind.

So that’s the key feature we’ve based our selection on. Let’s take a look!

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The North Face Women’s Metropolis Parka II – Review

The North Face Women's Metropolis Parka II - Review

For this week’s single review, we have another parka for the ladies. We’re sure you will love this one as it is a truly beautiful design that you can wear anywhere.

It is designed by The North Face, an American brand that has built a solid reputation for quality. They manufacture a variety of outdoor clothing and gears, so whether you are looking for a casual jacket to wear on the daily, or going on an adventure, they have got everything you will need.

Well, let’s get right into today’s pick, Metropolis II.

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8 Best Men’s Packable Down Jackets Reviewed for Your Next Trip

Best Men's Packable Down Jackets Reviewed

Time for a new selection for the gents of our site and we’ll be continuing with Down jackets. The catch here is that they are packable. What this does is save you packing space when travelling.

Down jackets are the best option during winter weather, but often, those who travel tend to avoid bringing one with them because of the puffiness and space they occupy. This is why we chose 8 of the best packable down jackets, so you will not have to carry extra sweaters or suffer from the cold in your next trip.

Let’s get started right away and take a look at our selection:

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Fjallraven Women’s Iceland Anorak Jacket – Review

Fjallraven Women's Iceland Anorak Jacket Review

This next article is a single review, as it is now routine in our website. The reason we are fond of single reviews is because they allow you to take a better look at some great jackets, that you might miss otherwise.

Continuing along the same type of jackets as our latest selection, the jacket we will be looking at today is Iceland Anorak by Fjällräven. Those of you familiar with our site, have come across both the brand and this jacket in previous reviews and selections.

Iceland Anorak is a heavy Winter jacket, made of top quality materials, technology and craftsmanship.

While to some, the price might be a bit discouraging, we’d say to take into consideration how much it would cost, over the long run, to purchase a new jacket yearly for less money. This won’t be the case with this jacket, as it is designed for durable wear, to last for years and years to come.

Well, time to see what Iceland Anorak is all about!

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