9 Norwegian Clothing and Jacket Brands You Should Know

9 Norwegian Clothing and Jacket Brands You Should Know

Welcome back to our latest selection, where we will be taking a look at some Norwegian brands that everyone should know about. These are brands that specialize in outdoor gear and clothing and we selected them for this reason specifically. After all, that’s what our whole site is about!

Norwegian brands have been on top of the outdoor clothing market for years now. That’s understandable when considering the weather conditions on the Scandinavian peninsula. Who better than those that know freezing temperatures all too well can design clothes able to withstand such conditions!

For this reason we went on a search for some top quality Norwegian brands. We have picked 9 brands that you may not have come across before, so let’s take a look.

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Best Softshell Jackets Under $100 – Our Top Picks for Men and Women

Best Softshell Jackets Under $100 - Our Top Picks for Men and Women

In this article we will be continuing with this week’s second selection of affordable jackets, as we mentioned in the previous selection where we looked at some great rain jackets that anyone can afford.

This selection is all about soft shells, the versatile jackets which are great for any outdoor activity and provide comfort, weather protection and high breathability, which is their distinguishing feature.

We have selected 7 options for you, all of which are under $100 and offer performance and comfort. You really don’t have to spend a fortune for a quality soft shell.

Without any further ado, let’s get started right away with the jackets that we have chosen for men and then move on to those for women.

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8 Best Cheap Rain Jackets: Our Top Picks Under $50

8 Best Cheap Rain Jackets: Our Top Picks Under $50

Continuing along the same lines as last week’s selection on affordable jackets under $50, this week we will have two back-to-back selections of affordable jackets.

Today’s selection is about rain jackets, an essential item in our wardrobes.

Rain jackets are quite versatile because you can wear them throughout the year, they are waterproof, usually breathable and very lightweight. This makes them a great option for bad weather, as you won’t have to spend too much to stay dry.

As per usual, there are options for both men and women, and today we will begin with the selection for women.

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Best Running Jackets Under $50 – Our Top Picks for 2018

Best Running Jackets Under $50 - Our Top Picks for 2018

In today’s article we will be going through a selection of running jackets for men and women, which are well-made and most importantly, very affordable, all of them being under $50.

Because we value honesty, let us preface this selection by firstly saying that running jackets are not a necessity, especially if you are a casual runner.

The reason why they were developed is to meet certain requirements that other jackets might fulfill, but are usually a bit too much for running, if that makes sense.

Hence, why we have running jackets, which are designed to be lightweight and focus mostly on their wind-resistance and breathability features.

They provide a great protective layer through all seasons, especially during rainy days. With that being said, let’s take a look at our picks for you.

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DryVent vs Gore Tex Technology: Which One is Better?

DryVent vs Gore Tex Technology: Which One is Better?

Welcome back to a comparison review! In this one, as you saw in the title, we will not be looking at two jackets versus each other, but instead, we will be focusing on fabric technologies.

Gore-Tex® and DryVent™ are two of the most popular fabrics used in modern outdoor apparel, especially jackets. They come with many specifics and features that have given them their well-deserved reputation, as we will see in this review.

The reason why we chose to do a comparison between two fabrics rather than jackets that might have either of these as part of their material, is because both of them come up quite often in our reviews and especially in our selections.

Because of that, we thought it would be best to have a separate piece for them both, so you will not only have a better understanding of what they are best for, but to also know how they compare to each other.

Besides, they are also the two most used fabrics in The North Face‘s jackets, a brand that we have reviewed extensively before.

Once again, we will be following the usual structure of looking at each separately and then comparing their different aspects and features to see how they fare. With that being said, let’s get started right away with Gore-Tex.

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Best Waterproof Jackets Under $100 – Our Top Picks for 2018

Best Waterproof Jackets Under $100 - Our Top Picks for 2018

Continuing with another jacket selection of affordable options that perform very well and are good quality, today we will look at some of the best waterproof jackets for men and women that you should really try this year.

Waterproof jackets are an important part of anyone’s wardrobe and they come in a variety of designs. The most common are raincoats, which are by default waterproof and we have included several in today’s selection.

The price limit we set was $100, and so we looked at jackets that cost less than that. In our previous selections we have come across plenty of affordable jackets that were quite well-made, but haven’t looked at waterproof ones on their own yet.

That’s why we are here today.

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Best Fjällräven Alternatives – 8 Cheaper Jackets Reviewed

Best Fjällräven Alternatives - 8 Cheaper Jackets Reviewed

May brought with it some very strange weather this past week, making some of us bring out the raincoats that we thought weren’t needed any longer. Summer seems to be taking its time, so we thought it would be a good idea for us to take a look at some more jackets together.

In today’s selection of 8 jackets, we have picked some great options for you that are good alternatives to some of Fjällräven’s best jackets.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Fjällräven is a Swedish company which sells outdoor gear and apparel. It’s one of the most featured brands in our selections because of how well-designed their jackets are.

However, it still remains a pricey brand, with barely any jacket cheaper than $100, which is not a price many people can easily shell out. Because of that, we picked some jackets that offer almost similar performance but at a lower price.

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