Fjällräven Barents vs Canada Goose Expedition Men’s Parka Compared

Fjällräven Barents vs Canada Goose Expedition Men's Parka Compared

For this week’s comparison review we will be doing two back to back articles, so we surely hope you’ll like them both.

They are all parka jackets for men and in the first one we will be looking at Fjällräven’s Barents parka versus the Expedition parka by Canada Goose.

As per usual, a short introduction of each brand is in order.

Canada Goose is a Canadian manufacturer of luxury outdoor clothing and it is also a recurring brand in our comparison reviews. They are responsible for renowned designs such as the Expedition parka, a design that was developed in the 1980s. Since then, they have created numerous outdoor sports clothing, which are mainly aimed at those who go through very harsh winters.

Another thing that bears mentioning is their work in helping to conserve the habitats of polar bears, along with Polar Bears International.

Fjällräven is a Swedish brand, so we are comparing two international brands today. They are one of the most renowned companies in the outdoor gear and clothing market. They have also created their own special fabrics, which are designed to withstand different conditions and fulfill different requirements.

Let’s get started with Expediton first.

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The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket, Men & Women – Review

The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket, Men & Women - Review

It’s been a while since our last single review and today we are bringing back a recently featured jacket, the Apex Bionic by The North Face.

After comparing it to two other brands’ jackets, here and here, it is time to look at this jacket on its own.

What we typically do is go through the specifics of a single jacket, either a women’s or men’s one. However, in this single review we will be looking at both versions so as to get the complete picture on what this jacket has to offer.

We will start with the men’s version and then women’s, as they each have particular specifics that set them apart.

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Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: 4 Jackets Compared

Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: 4 Jackets Compared

We are back with another comparison this week, where we will be looking at Jack Wolfskin vs. The North Face.

The North Face is an American brand renowned for their outdoor gear and we often include some of their best jackets in our reviews and selections.

This is the third time in a row that The North Face has been featured in a comparison review and just like in the previous one, Apex Bionic is included once again, to be compared with Northern Point by Jack Wolfskin.

As a preface, before we get into the jackets themselves, we like to include a short introduction to each brand.

You got to know about The North Face, so let’s move on to Jack Wolfskin, which is a European brand. Their headquarters are in Germany and they have a rich history of great outdoor gear and clothing, since 1981.

Another thing to note about the brand is their involvement in different projects that aim to help out the youth and children from different countries.

If this is the first time reading one of our comparison reviews, what we do is take a look at either two jackets total or, such as today, four jackets in a 2 vs. 2 setup.

After going through each jacket separately, then we get started on comparing them based on their specifics and how they differ from each other.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the first two.

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Best Canada Goose Alternatives in 2018: 7 Cheaper Jackets Reviewed

Best Canada Goose Alternatives in 2018: 7 Cheaper Jackets Reviewed

High-end brands are always sought after by everyone. We look for discounts and sales in order to get the best deal possible.

While some might argue that a high quality jacket should be taken at its price, not everyone can afford to buy the jacket they want.

We have looked at some interesting jackets in several of articles, which were alternatives to certain brands’ jackets, at a much cheaper price, of course.

Today we will do the same by going through 7 cheaper alternatives to Canada Goose.

Canada Goose is a very well-known company and they manufacture outdoor clothing of incredible quality, which makes it harder to find alternatives that compare to their products’ performance.

That didn’t stop us from looking for them, anyway, and we did manage to find some alternatives that you will really enjoy.

These are also by well-known brands, but at a more affordable price. This way, you can have more options and make a better decision when purchasing. Below you will find our 7 recommendations.

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Mountain Warehouse vs The North Face: 4 Jackets Compared

Mountain Warehouse vs The North Face: 4 Jackets Compared

And as we have just entered March, it starts snowing over here in the northern hemisphere. Snowing brings with it freezing temperatures, too and all of this calls for a warm and well-insulated jacket. Not only that, but a jacket that can also protect against the snow and rain that are awaiting us in the next few weeks.

With that being said, welcome back to another comparison review, where we will be looking at four jackets and how they measure up in different aspects.

The brands for today’s comparison are Mountain Warehouse and The North Face.

They are both recurring brands that you can find in several of our selections and reviews. To save you some time in having to look up the brands if you’re unfamiliar with either of them, let’s get through a short introduction of each.

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Canada Goose Chilliwack VS The North Face Gotham: Which One Is Better?

Canada Goose Chilliwack VS The North Face Gotham

With temperatures still low, and in some places dropping further, the need for a good winter coat is much more immediate. We have put together numerous selections that cover all of your needs and wants, and will continue to do so, surely, but we thought it would be best to now look at how certain jackets compare to each other.

With that said, welcome to our newest format: Comparisons. Here we will be looking at different jackets, their specifics and then take a serious look at which one would best suit you, depending on how they differ from each other.

To start things off, we have picked not only two high-end brands, but also two incredible jackets that are both highly recommended by bloggers and reviewers.

We are talking about Canada Goose’s Chilliwack jacket VS. The North Face’s Gotham jacket.

It will be an interesting comparison, as you will see, because as much as these jackets differ from each other, they are also very much alike in certain regards. Both are insulated with real Down, for example.

The comparison format will be separated into specific paragraphs, which make it easier to get a better idea on each of them. Let’s start with the specifics of each, first.

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How To Wash A Columbia Jacket: A Useful Guide

How To Wash A Columbia Jacket: A Useful Guide

Welcome back to another guide! It’s sure been a while, but we like to take our time when it comes to compiling detailed and useful guides for you.

Several months ago we did another similar piece: a guide on how to wash The North Face jackets. There we looked at a variety of different jackets from the brand, which serve as a general “to keep in mind” collection of tips for other jackets, too.

However, since most of you who have brand jackets would rather have the specifics on washing that particular jacket, here we are again.

Today it’s all about Columbia, a brand that never disappoints and that has frequently made it into our reviews and selections.

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