8 Best Softshell Women’s Jackets for Sport Lovers

Best Softshell Women's Jackets for Sport Lovers

Some time ago, we wrote an article on soft shell jackets for sport lovers. Featured there were over ten of the best jackets for men who enjoy challenging themselves no matter the weather or terrain.

Now, it is time to take a look at eight soft shells, this time for women who enjoy sports.

The brands we have selected these jackets from are renown for their outdoor clothing. Most of them have been previously featured in our reviews and selections and let us tell you, for very good reasons. Now let’s get started!

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Gore Bike Wear Phantom 2.0 Jacket for Men – Review

Gore Bike Wear Phantom 2.0 Jacket for Men - Review

Welcome back to another review for yet another soft shell jacket. This one is also for the sportsmen among you and it is the Phantom 2.0 by Gore, from their Gore Bike Wear® collection.

The Bike Wear line features a variety of different clothes and we singled out Phantom, for several reasons. First of all, it’s one of their best soft shells and you know we can never say “no” to a good softshell. Secondly, it is such a versatile jacket that will adapt to any sport you practice and provide the best protection and comfort.

Gore is the brand that invented the GORE-TEX membrane, one of the best protective layers for sports and outdoor clothing. However, they have not just stopped at that. They have created other membranes and special fabrics, one of which is WINDSTOPPER, that is part of Phantom’s outer shell.

We will take a more detailed look at this special fabric and all the features that this jacket has. With that being said, let’s get started with this review.

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Best Waterproof Running Jackets in 2017 Reviewed: A Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproof Running Jackets 2017

There is no escaping moody weather. Bright sunshine one day, heavy raining the next and it goes on and on. While you can find some form of transportation to get you through these rainy days safe and dry, there is one group of people who really mind this weather.

We are talking about those among you that enjoy running outdoors. Imagine rain pouring down on you while you are hiking up that steep trail. What then?

We love jackets, it is clear by the abundance of articles and reviews on them. What we aim for is to make it easier for everyone when it comes to choosing a quality jacket. Despite the numerous reviews and different brands we have looked at, there is a need for a specific article: waterproof running jackets.

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Geographical Norway Tambour Softshell Jacket for Men – Review

Geographical Norway Tambour Softshell Jacket for Men - Review

We know, to some, it will seem as if we are too excited for this Spring season and they would not be completely wrong in that assumption. However, can you blame us? Look outside, it’s warm, windy and sunny, just the perfect combination. And this, especially for those that absolutely adore the outdoors.

And what goes best with outdoor sports? Well, softshell jackets, of course! Yes, welcome once again to another single review! For this one, the softshell selected is by Geographical Norway and it is the Tambour design.

This is a men’s jacket, designed for wearing it from Autumn till Spring, and with the numerous features it comes with, it is about time we took a detailed look at it.

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10 Best Fjällräven Jackets Reviewed: A Swedish Brand For Your Outdoor Adventures

best fjallraven jackets reviewed

In this brand review, it is time to look at Fjällräven, a Swedish brand that was founded in 1960, by Åke Nordin, in Örnsköldsvik. It started as an innovative brand for hiking and camping backpacks, which then moved on to become one of the most popular manufacturers of outdoor gear.

Their products now do not simply include quality backpacks and travelling bags, but a vast collection of clothing (tops, trousers, jackets and accessories) and outdoor gear, such as tents and sleeping bags. It is a popular brand online that now has its name renown in many parts of the world.

For our selection, we chose ten of their best jackets for cool weather. Whether you prefer a light jacket, or are one of those people that feel the cold even in Summer, you are sure to find what you are looking for within these options.

We have chosen five men’s jackets and five for women, so let’s get right into it.

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Geographical Norway Rivoli Softshell Jacket for Men – Review

Geographical Norway Rivoli Softshell Jacket Men Review

It is only getting warmer day by day, so now we are at the perfect sport weather; not too cold, but not painfully hot either, which means a lot more time spent outdoors. And what is a good brand for outdoor clothing? We’d say, Geographical Norway!

Despite there being numerous brands and hundreds of designs, specifics and features in jackets, Geographical Norway still remains one of the top choices for many people. And let us say, deservingly so!

It is once again time for a single jacket review and today’s choice is Rivoli, a soft shell that will speak to all of you active guys out there.

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8 Best Ultrasport Softshell Jackets to Wear in 2017, for Men and Women

Best Ultrasport Softshell Jackets

There is no Spring weather without softshell jackets, especially for those who are active throughout the year and really enjoy spending time outdoors. Spring comes with mild temperatures and an overall lovely weather, so it would be a shame if you aren’t getting the most out of it.

And because of that, we have yet again selected eight great jackets, for this 2017 Spring time, four for men and four for women. They are softshells by Ultrasport, a brand which manufactures a variety of outdoor clothing, from beanies and jackets, to different types of shoes.

Let’s get right into the selection, beginning with the men’s jackets.

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