Best 3 in 1 Ski Jackets for Men, Women and Kids in 2019

Best 3 in 1 Ski Jackets Men Women Kids 2019

The first snowfalls have begun in most of the northern countries and it is the perfect season for skiing and snowboarding. Especially for those who will be travelling for the holidays and spend time at a ski resort up in the Alps.

Jackets are the main thing to consider and look into during this season and especially for the aforementioned activities. There are numerous designs to go through, but who really has the time? That’s what we are here for, as always, with our selections of some great jackets for you.

Today’s selection includes jackets not solely for men and women, but also kids. So if you are travelling as a family, then this is the article for you. Let’s get started with 8 of the best 3-in-1 ski jackets on the market!

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8 Patagonia Jackets to Stay Warm & Dry this Autumn / Winter 2018 – 2019

Patagonia Jackets Autumn Winter 2018 2019 men women

In Autumn and Winter, jackets, boots and sweaters are must-haves no matter where you live and so the search begins to find the best quality for the price.

Today we will be looking at 8 different jackets, for men and women. They are by the same brand, Patagonia and we will get right into it after a short introduction.

Patagonia is an American brand founded in 1973. They design a variety of outdoor clothing and gear. In the beginning, the brand catered to climbers, whereas now, every outdoors lover can find something for their favorite activities and preferences.

Another thing to note is the brand’s environmental awareness, as they do their best to reduce pollution by using recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Time to see what we have picked for you.

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Why Is Patagonia So Expensive? Are Their Jackets Worth The Price?

Why Is Patagonia So Expensive? Are Their Jackets Worth The Price?

A few days ago, on one of our brand comparisons, we took a look at The North Face vs. Patagonia, to see which one of the two is the better brand and learn more about each of them.

In the past, we have also taken a look at The North Face and the reason for its high prices, as well as whether those prices were justified.

Today it’s time to do the same thing with Patagonia, one of the most renowned brand names when it comes to outdoor sportswear.

With numerous versatile jacket designs, which is our main focus, and high quality materials, it’s no wonder the brand is so reputable. However, the question we ask is simple: Are they worth their price tag?

Let’s see!

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Canada Goose Fake vs Real Jacket: How To Spot It?

Canada Goose Fake vs Real Jacket: How To Spot It?

Jackets, being an essential part of our wardrobes, come in different colors, designs and varieties. Regardless of the style you prefer, or what you are looking for, it is guaranteed that you will find the right jacket for the occasion.

Focusing more on winter jackets, considering that they are the most important winter garment for outdoor wear, here on our website we have gone through numerous designs by different brands. One of these brands is Canada Goose, which is one of the most beloved brands in North America and, due to its popularity, is even renowned in the other continents.

Apart from the high quality of the jackets and their incredible warmth and insulation, Canada Goose is also known for its high prices.

In a previous piece of ours we have discusses in length why those prices are so high and whether they are justifiable. You can check it out here to get a better understanding of why this brand is so renowned and how it rose to popularity.

Our topic for today, in fact, is that of telling apart a genuine Canada Goose jacket from a counterfeit one.

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Canada Goose vs Moose Knuckles – Which Brand is Better?

Canada Goose vs Moose Knuckles - Which Brand is Better?

On to another brand comparison, today we will be looking at a new brand on our site, and see how it compares to Canada Goose, which has become one of the most commonly compared brands here.

Since we are dealing with frigid winter temperatures this year, we thought it would be reasonable to continue the search for the best “winter brand”.

Because Canada Goose has the reputation of being one of the go-to brands when it comes to jackets that provide impeccable insulation and warmth, we continue using it as the staple brand for comparisons.

Now, on to the brand that we will be putting against Canada Goose, the time has come for Moose Knuckles to come into the spotlight.

Let’s get started!

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8 Best Mountain Warehouse Jackets in 2019 for Men & Women Reviewed

Best Mountain Warehouse Jackets 2019 Men Women Reviewed

Us over here at are quite fond of high-performance jackets. What we mean by that is well-made jackets that are able to withstand different conditions, while also helping you be at peak performance during different activities.

And this not just for sportsmen, but also regular people who enjoy being outdoors.

As such, here we are yet again with another selection of 8 jackets, with options for men and women. While we usually go with mixed brands, occasionally, such as today, we have picked one specific brand to take a look at.

Meet Mountain Warehouse, a brand that is frequently part of our selections due to their jackets. It was founded in 1997 by Mark Neale in UK. They design and sell outdoor clothing and footwear for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, camping, etc.

Their products are available both online and locally in the UK and North America and you can get firsthand advice by their professional staff, which will help you choose exactly what you want and need.

Today’s selection will feature different jackets for different requirements, including softshells, fleece jackets and waterproof ones.

And a side note, as of today, we’re introducing a new segment into some of our selections, where we take a look at some frequently asked questions about a specific brand or product. This way, you can make a better choice when buying a product, especially online.

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8 Best The North Face Down Jackets for Winter 2019 Reviewed

8 Best The North Face Down Jackets for Winter 2019 Reviewed

Welcome back everyone to one of our first collections of 2019. We know you all love Down jackets and that’s why today we will be taking a look at some interesting choices.

This is an 8-piece selection by a single brand this time. We chose The North Face, a recurring name in our reviews and articles. This American brand never ceases to impress us and its trusted customers with their innovative designs.

Their jackets and outdoor gear perform beautifully in different weather and environmental conditions, and come packed with features for outdoor lovers.

Today’s selection will feature 8 jackets for men and women, with options for those who don’t prefer real down in their jackets.

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