Fjallraven Skogsö Jacket for Men – Review

Fjallraven Skogsö Jacket Men Review

Welcome back to this week’s single review of another quality jacket. This is one of the best brands you will find online. That’s why we continue to introduce you to some of their best designs.

It’s the Swedish brand Fjällräven, a recurring brand on our site and a favorite of ours. The jacket we have selected to take a look at is called Skogsö, a very interesting design.

As you know by now, we will be looking at four different aspects of this design: when to wear the jacket and what are the key features, the material it is made out of, the color selection and the feedback by those who have worn it.

Let’s jump right into it!

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8 Best Reflective Vests for Running and Cycling in 2017, Men & Women

best reflective vests running cycling men women

The great outdoors were meant to be enjoyed and we wholeheartedly believe that. While there isn’t much that can go wrong if you are out for a jog or cycling, it is best to make sure that everything will be under control.

Those who exercise at night are at a higher risk, if they don’t have the right clothing and gear. The solution to this are reflective jackets or other similar options.

Several weeks ago, we wrote a piece on reflective jackets that will keep you safe while outdoors. In this selection, we will be looking at some reflective gear, which are a bit different.

These are vests, that we have selected this time, and the reason for that is simple. They won’t be an extra layer on and they will not affect mobility and comfort. They are unisex vests, specially designed for safety in dim light and especially at night.

Time to take a look at what we picked for you:

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Fjallraven Keb Jacket for Men – Review

Fjallraven Keb Jacket Men Review

As unlikely as it is, sometimes it does rain in Summer. And more often than not, it catches everybody unprepared. The temperatures drop and tank tops don’t cut it. Not to mention that there isn’t light raining either, during this period.

Well, what do you do? All the jackets are stashed away and you’d be lucky to find where you last put the umbrella, two months ago. The thought of wearing a jacket in Summer sounds ridiculous, and you are not wrong.

Those into hiking, camping and who love to be outdoors for longer than the occasional jog, are the ones who need to be prepared for all scenarios. And yet, packing a jacket is not the first thing on the mind.

Luckily, we have once again gone on the lookout and yes, we did indeed find a brilliant jacket for rainy weather. And what’s best about it? You can wear it throughout the year.

This jacket is Keb, by Fjällräven, the Swedish brand whose products seem almost infallible. Time to take a good look at this jacket and you will see for yourself why we were so impressed by it.

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Best Rain Jacket in 2017? 8 Proposals Reviewed for Men and Women

Best Rain Jacket 2017 Men and Women

We are in July and the heat is not showing any mercy. Rain is far from everyone’s mind and we understand. But Fall will be here soon and it is better to be prepared beforehand. For the rain, that is.

And since a lot of people land on our site searching for rain jackets on the internet, we thought it fitting to select eight of the best you will find in 2017.

These jackets were chosen for their high quality, weather-resistance and, to keep things fair and square, for their high online ratings and satisfied users.

As it is typical with these reviews on our site, there will be a selection for men, as well as women. Let’s take a look!

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Jackets Wax: What Is It, How To and 5 Products Reviewed

Jackets Wax: What Is It, How To and 5 Products Reviewed

A while ago, there was a fast-growing internet trend on waterproofing clothes and shoes. It consisted of using a typical house candle, that you would rub all over the fabric and then heat it up with a hairdryer. After it had set, then the job was done. This technique works beautifully with canvas and leather clothes, as well as shoes.

While it might sound as bogus and just a childish idea, there is some good basis for this trend. It is based on the professional waxing done to clothes, bags and shoes, which gives them a high water resistance and in some cases, even makes them completely waterproof.

That is what we will be looking into today: wax for clothes, specifically jackets. You will learn what kind of wax is used, a short journey through the history of it and of course, how to wax your own jackets at home.

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Geographical Norway Women’s Softshell Rain Sports Jacket – Review

Geographical Norway Women's Softshell Rain Sports Jacket Review

Back to single reviews and this one is for the ladies. Today we will take a look at a softshell jacket for those who enjoy spending time outdoors being active. This is the GeNo-20 model, part of the latest collection by Geographical Norway.

It is a quality sports jacket, which comes packed with features that make it easily adaptable to any sport and environment.

As always, we will be discussing the when and how, as well as material, color and of course, customer input and their experience with this jacket.

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Best Men’s Camping Jackets in 2017: 8 Proposals Reviewed

Best Mens Camping Jackets Reviewed

Time for another review of a specific type of jacket. This new selection of eight jackets was done with one activity in mind: camping.

Nature lovers unite! We are in the perfect camping season and it only gets better from now until Autumn and rain are back.

Now, those that are just getting started and have been invited on a camping trip or would just like to challenge themselves and experience nature in its entirety, are very welcome. Apart from taking a look at the eight jackets we have chosen, we will also be learning a few things about camping jackets.

How to choose them and what is a must when looking to buy one? We will get started right away.

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