How To Wash a Fleece Jacket – A Useful Guide

How To Wash a Fleece Jacket - A Useful Guide

Jackets are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. When the temperatures drop and weather quickly turns into rain and snow, only a jacket can manage to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in such conditions.

We have looked at hundreds of jackets here on our site, compiling selections, reviewing them and also comparing different ones with one goal in mind: to provide you with the best options available on the market.

Jackets are a necessity for the protection they provide, but they require our care in order to be in their best shape.

In the past guides and tutorials, we have looked into different jackets and how to best care for them, by learning how to thoroughly clean them at the comfort of our own homes, while saving money in the meantime.

This brings us to today’s tutorial, where we will learn how to properly look after a fleece jacket and why that is such an important thing to do.

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Gore-Tex vs eVent Technology: Which One Is Better?

Gore-Tex vs eVent Technology: Which One Is Better?

The comparison between fabric technologies continues over here on our site. In the previous comparison we looked at Omni-Tech by Columbia and Gore-Tex, whereas this time we will be comparing Gore-Tex to eVent.

eVent was featured in one of our past selections on Gore-Tex alternatives and it is considered by many people to be the closest thing to Gore-Tex in terms of performance.

For this reason, we will be taking a more detailed look at the matter of which one of these two fabric technologies is the better one and see how they measure up to each other.

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6 eVent Waterproof Jackets for Your Favorite Sport

6 eVent Waterproof Jackets for Your Favorite Sport

Partaking in outdoor activities is always fun and for some people it’s a way of getting the most out of life. Those who love being out in nature and going on outdoor adventures know too well that what you are wearing will make or break the experience.

Jackets are a must for any sportswoman or sportsman, despite the season, but especially so during autumn and winter, when temperatures drop and the weather gets a little unpredictable. The best way to stay protected under those conditions is having a waterproof jacket, but not just any waterproof jacket. A breathable one is a must.

This brings us to eVent jackets, which are waterproof, windproof and highly breathable, due to DirectVenting™.

eVent is a fabric technology, which is made of ePTFE as the main material, which then is bonded to other fabrics in order to create a multitude of options for different purpose. These fabrics are not just used for jackets, but other outdoor clothing and shoes as well.

We recently took a look at how eVent fabrics compare to the staple of quality waterproof fabric technology, Gore-Tex, which we have frequently included in our selections, reviews and comparisons.

We recommend you check that out to get a more in-depth understanding of how eVent works and why it is considered to be the closest alternative to Gore-Tex, while some would even argue that it is the better of the two in terms of breathability.

But what you are here for is the jackets we have picked, so let’s get right into it.

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7 Killtec Jackets for this Fall – Winter Reviewed

7 Killtec Jackets for this Fall - Winter Reviewed

On our continuous search for some of the best jackets that you can find online, we stumbled upon Killtec, a German brand that we have not really looked at before.

Killtec’s history can be traced back 37 years ago, in 1981, when Günther Killer first began to work on creating sports shoes and then later expanded his field of work to outdoor clothing as well.

Due to his expertise and willingness to satisfy the customer, the brand quickly grew in reputation and became a prominent name in the market of outdoor sportive wear.

We have compiled a selection of 7 jackets for today, with options for both men and women, of course.

Some of them are sports jackets, which are designed for a variety of outdoor activities, as we will see on each jacket separately.

Let’s take a look at what we have picked out for you:

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Columbia Omni-Tech vs Gore-Tex Technology: Which One Is Better?

Columbia Omni-Tech vs Gore-Tex Technology: Which One Is Better?

We are on the topic of fabric technologies, once again. Learning more about fabric technologies is an important step in better understanding how a jacket will perform. It’s also useful knowledge when it comes to buying a new jacket, as you will know exactly what to look for, by knowing what you expect from your jacket and what fabric fulfills your requirements best.

In our previous comparisons on different fabric technologies, Gore-Tex has been used as the point of reference, to which we compared the newcomer fabrics. In this comparison, we will be doing the same thing, by comparing Gore-Tex to Omni-Tech.

The main purpose of these comparisons is to help you get a better understanding of what the technicalities mean and how the fabrics actually measure up to each other, the end point of which being to determine which would be the better option.

We chose Omni-Tech as it is considered a good alternative to Gore-Tex, especially so for its price. If there is one thing Gore-Tex has, that all other fabric technologies beat, is its price, which is why a lot of people shy away from jackets made of it.

So what’s one to do if a quality jacket that withstands weather conditions, but can also breathe, is required? Turn to alternatives, of course.

Let’s take a look.

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8 Beautiful Rab Jackets to Have Fun Outdoors, Men & Women

8 Beautiful Rab Jackets to Have Fun Outdoors, Men & Women

Jacket season is quickly approaching as we enter the month of August. Today we will be looking at a selection of some beautiful jackets for you to wear this Fall and Winter, and have a great time outdoors.

The brand we have chosen today is a newcomer, Rab. This brand was established in 1981 in Sheffield, UK, as a manufacturer of sleeping bags. Later, their product range expanded and their products quickly gained a reputation, making them a favorite among outdoor adventurers, especially climbers.

The jackets we have chosen today are a mix of options for men and women, made of the finest materials and great craftsmanship.

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Craghoppers Men’s Argyle Parka – Review

Craghoppers Men's Argyle Parka - Review

For this week’s single review we will be looking at Argyle, a winter parka by Craghoppers. We have looked at this jacket before in one of our selections on men’s jacket by this brand.

A short brand introduction is in order, as it will also help us have a better grasp at how the selected jacket came to be.

Craghoppers was founded in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1965. It was the first brand in the UK to use nylon in their products and continuously tried out different fabrics and designs in order to come up with products that the owners thought were lacking in the markets.

Craghoppers was later approached by the Everest expedition team of 1975, which increased the reputation and sales of the brand tremendously. For the past 50 years, this brand has managed to remain a very reputable brand in the UK for outdoor clothing.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the jacket at hand, Argyle, and take a more detailed look as to when to wear the jacket, its design, the fabric and materials used in making it and lastly, user reviews by those who have first hand experience wearing and trying out this jacket.

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