8 Best Ultrasport Softshell Jackets to Wear in 2017, for Men and Women

Best Ultrasport Softshell Jackets

There is no Spring weather without softshell jackets, especially for those who are active throughout the year and really enjoy spending time outdoors. Spring comes with mild temperatures and an overall lovely weather, so it would be a shame if you aren’t getting the most out of it.

And because of that, we have yet again selected eight great jackets, for this 2017 Spring time, four for men and four for women. They are softshells by Ultrasport, a brand which manufactures a variety of outdoor clothing, from beanies and jackets, to different types of shoes.

Let’s get right into the selection, beginning with the men’s jackets.

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Geographical Norway Rainman Softshell Jacket for Men – Review

Geographical Norway Rainman Softshell Jacket Men Review

If you have been following our site for a while, by now you’ll know our soft spot for soft shell jackets. These are highly functional jackets, designed for those who take sports very seriously. They come in hundreds of designs, colors and with numerous specifics and features, which make for a wide array of choices, where each and everyone can find the jacket for them.

And if you were to take a quick look at what we do and what brands we feature, Geographical Norway is the one we have reviewed the most. The brand has a well-deserved reputation for its outdoor and athletic clothing, which brings us to today’s review.

The selected jacket is Rainman, a versatile soft shell that has some of the best features a sports jacket must come with and that has been previously featured in one of our articles. As per usual in our single reviews, there will be an in-depth look at all the specifics so let’s get right into it.

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8 Mammut Jackets to Try this Spring 2017, for Men and Women

Mammut Jackets Spring 2017 Men and Women

Seasonal changes bring us to reviewing new brands and their products, which go accordingly with the weather in the upcoming months. Mammut is the brand we will be looking at today, and more specifically, eight of their best spring jackets.

This Swiss brand’s history begins 150 years ago and today, they are well-established as an outdoor clothing brand, that manufactures only quality gear, with no excuses. Another interesting product they make, is rope, for mountain climbing, which has made them the most renown supplier in the market.

We are big fans of jackets, though, so let’s get started.

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Fifty Five Alert Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men – Review

Fifty Five Alert Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men - Review

With the unstable weather everywhere, it is only fitting to take a look at a jacket that does not mind these unpredictable conditions. Review time is here again and we are ready for a new brand to introduce to you.

Meet Fifty Five, an outdoor-clothing brand, which aims to create products that perform perfectly, at a reasonable price for the consumer.

Their designs are intended to not only be functional and high-performance, but easily adapted to the environmental and weather conditions. All of this makes it possible for you to focus solely on your outdoor adventures. The rest has been taken care of!

The jacket for this review is called Alert, it is a softshell jacket for men that performs as a hardshell, but without getting in the way of movement and taking away the classic softshell qualities.

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8 CMP Jackets for Skiing and Staying Outdoors, Men and Women

8 CMP Jackets for Skiing and Staying Outdoors, Men and Women

Here we are again with another jacket selection, with eight interesting choices for men and women. This selection is by CMP F.lli Campagnolo, an Italian brand that was founded over 50 years ago. Today, they have an established reputation as one of the most innovative brands out there, with quality apparel and modern designs.

Their original fleece and technologies are certified and guaranteed not just for the quality but also for being free of toxic materials.

We selected four men’s jackets and four for women, a mix of down, ski, fleece and casual options, for wear throughout autumn, winter and up until spring.

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Wantdo Men’s Mountain Fleece Ski Jacket – Review

Wantdo Men's Mountain Fleece Ski Jacket - Review

We are slowly approaching Spring and all the fun winter sports will soon be only available in exclusive parts of the country. There are still a few good weeks of skiing and snowy weather ahead of us, so fret now.

With that in mind, we are still on the lookout for some great sports jackets, suitable for snow sports and heavy winter weather. This brings us to this review article of an interesting ski jacket, which is the men’s version of the previous one we reviewed, Wantdo’s Mountain Fleece Ski jacket.

For the women’s version, we took a detailed look at all the features and specifics that the jacket comes with and we will be doing the same for this men’s version. They differ in small key features, which will all be included and explained as we go on.

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Canadian Peak by Geographical Norway: The Best Jackets

Canadian Peak by Geographical Norway - The Best Jackets

In today’s article, we will be featuring some new products and we don’t mean new just for our website. They are brand new on Amazon as well. Geographical Norway has recently launched a new line of outdoor clothing by the name of Canadian Peak, which comes with innovative designs at a reasonable price, considering the quality and performance of these products.

From this new collection, we have selected several of their best jackets, for you to take a look at.

However, because Canadian Peak is still being updated with new products, we will also keep updating this selection, to feature their newest and best jacket designs. For now, the ones selected are detailed below.

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