Best Down Jackets for Men: 10 Proposals Reviewed

Best Down Jackets for Men: 10 Proposals Reviewed

Winter has far too many days left and we are continuing to search for the best jackets out there for both men and women. In today’s selection we have chosen ten of the best jackets on the market, based on their good online reviews and numerous happy customers that highly recommend them.

This is a men’s selection focused on down and down-alternative jackets.

While we are all agreed upon the quality and ability of down filling to insulate and provide warmth, some might not be big fans of it, especially when it happens to rain. Down jackets are more suitable for dry weather or the outer shell needs to be at the very least water-resistant, so that is why there are some alternatives to down, typically made out of Polyester, which perform well even when wet.

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Geographical Norway Jackets: New Arrivals, Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017 (Updated)

geographical norway jackets new arrivals fall winter 2016 2017

Geographical Norway has released some new jackets in their collection to wear this Fall / Winter 2016 – 2017.

We will be reviewing nine of their newest jackets, five of which are for men and four for women. There will be included softshells, quilted and winter jackets, as well as a parka for women.

These designs are highly functional, as always, and will suit perfectly to your requirements, whether you are looking for a quality winter jacket, a light autumn jacket, or a sports jacket.

Let’s begin with the women’s selection of four jackets.

Update: We have added 8 new jackets to the selection.

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8 Beautiful DESIRES Women Jackets for this Winter

Best DESIRES Women Jackets Winter

Well, it happened! January came snowing even in areas where we never thought it would. With temperatures this low, you are surely looking for a warm jacket, preferably a parka if you ask us. DESIRES is a brand that we would recommend you look into, especially if you are looking for beautiful winter jackets, which are also elegant and fashionable.

In today’s selection, you will find eight gorgeous winter jackets and parkas, to get you through this season.

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Best Fleece Jackets for Men & Women to Try this Winter

Best Fleece Jackets Men Women

If you live in an area where, despite how many layers you put on while inside, you still can’t seem to keep warm enough, then we have a beautiful selection of some of the best fleece jackets out there. They are versatile as can be worn outdoors too, and can be a good selection for those who are physically active as well.

We have previously written about the features of fleece jackets and what sets them apart from other types of jackets. As a short summary, they are designed to provide plenty of warmth, while being especially good at maintaining it. All this, while also being highly breathable, therefore preventing overheating and sweating.

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Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Jacket for Men: Review

Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Jacket Men Review

We are currently hitting the below 0°C in the Northern hemisphere and down jackets are a must during such weather. The wind has been quite awful, as well and in combination with the low temperatures, it is certainly no joke.

For some of us winter means staying home, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, whereas to some, it’s the perfect season for outdoors activities. To those of you who continue to remain active during this weather, we have a great jacket that you should take a look at.

Yes, it is indeed time for another review article and today we will be taking an in-depth look at the Packable Down Jacket for men, by another well-known brand, Tommy Hilfiger.

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8 Naketano Jackets, Pullovers, Hoodies and Parkas for Women

best naketano jackets pullovers hoodies parkas women

Keeping winter clothing stylish, in today’s article we will be introducing you to Naketano, the German brand that manufactures a variety of outdoors clothes, such as jackets, hoodies, pullovers and overalls. With good reviews and a well-established reputation for quality, this selection for women will surely make you want to have them all.

The selection will include various clothing suitable for mild to freezing temperatures. We will start with the hoodies, pullovers and then move on to the jackets and conclude everything with the parka, so you will have a choice for both autumn and winter seasons.

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