Rab vs Arc’teryx: Which Brand is Better?

Rab vs Arc'teryx: Which Brand is Better?

Temperatures have dropped considerably in the past month and it may have caught some of you unprepared for winter.

Those with jackets from the previous winter season may be all well and good, but there are many others who may need to purchase a new one this season. In particular those who need a quality garment for their outdoor activities and adventures.

The same goes for gear and essentials for going out on a hiking trail, up a mountain or just on a camping trip. Pants, boots, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags etc., are all very important and must not be overlooked.

While it is true that you can get away with a more affordable product of a slightly lower quality the rest of the year, during winter you need to get quite serious about it.

But which product to buy is a hassle all in itself. Which brand to go for, which design, can all prove to be bothersome feats in determining what you will spend your money on.

That is why comparing brands and products is something we have put quite a bit of effort on, as we find it more useful than just focusing on a single brand to help you figure out which one you should choose.

With that in mind, over these past two years we have gone through numerous brand comparisons and we will be doing that once more today, where we will look at Rab and Arc’teryx.

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Osprey Atmos vs Aether: Which Backpacks are Better?

Osprey Atmos vs Aether: Which Backpacks are Better?

Travelers, hikers, backpackers, students and everyone else who relies on backpacks to carry their belongings know too well the importance of a quality pack.

A high quality backpack is not just one that will last for a long time, withstand the elements and use, first and foremost it is a backpack that you can wear comfortably and which is designed to carry weights without straining the back.

With the number of designs available on the market, it is very difficult to make a clear cut decision on which one to go for.

This is also the case for Atmos and Aether, two very popular backpacks by Osprey, one of the most renowned brands of packs. Which one is the better one for you can prove to be quite a challenging choice.

This is why comparing products or brands provides a clearer picture on the features, differences and similarities of each, which would allow you then to make a more educated choice as to which one of them fits your requirements better.

For that reason, we have frequently compared a variety of brands and products, primarily jackets. As we are trying to expand the range of designs that we feature in our selections, reviews and comparisons, today we thought of turning our attention to backpacks.

Let’s see which is the better option for your next adventure!

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Why Is Fjällräven So Expensive and Popular? Are Their Jackets and Backpacks Worth It?

Why Is Fjällräven So Expensive and Popular? Are Their Jackets and Backpacks Worth It?

Everyone has a favorite brand of clothes, backpacks, shoes, sunglasses, electronics, anything practically. While it can certainly be true that there are many brands that become popular solely because they are endorsed by celebrities or for being a one-shot type of brand, there are others with a well-deserved reputation and loyal customer base.

Renowned outdoor clothing brands are often of the latter type, because it is thanks to the quality and performance of their products that they become popular and beloved.

In our efforts to find and select great brands, we have looked at numerous ones over the years. At times we have focused more on the products, while other times our attention was more on their history and the reasons behind their popularity.

Today’s piece is another one that focuses on brand popularity and the factors that influence it. So far, we have gone through a few brands in this regard, such as Canada Goose or Arc’teryx, and we will proceed with a European brand (here are some European ski jackets brands) this time, Fjällräven.

We have looked into Fjällräven a couple of times so far (for example here and here) and have also included a number of their products in our selections, the most recent one being the G-1000 fabrics.

Let’s now proceed with today’s topic of exploring some of the reasons behind Fjällräven being such a popular brand despite its high prices.

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Fjällräven G-1000 Materials: Review and Performance

Fjällräven G-1000 Materials: Review and Performance

Outdoor brands are numerous and, in our opinion, a good deal of them are quite good at what they do.

We have seen a number of these brands over the years and have gone through their products, the materials they use and also compared some of them to get a better grasp of which one would be a better choice for different activities.

In the context of the above, we also take a more in-depth look at fabrics and technologies that these brands rely on, in particular those they develop themselves.

We have done so for several fabric technologies, such as Polartec® Power Grid™ Fleece or Marmot EVODry and others, because we believe that they are a great representation of what the brand behind them really stands for in their product quality and performance.

For that reason, today we will look at another type of fabric, the G-1000, which the brand that created it, Fjällräven, claims that it may possibly be “the best outdoor material there is”.

Fjällräven is a brand we have previously featured in our selections and reviews, but we have to admit that it has been a while since the last time it made an appearance on our site.

Let’s first get a bit acquainted with the brand itself and then move on to the G-1000 materials.

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Patagonia Nano-Air® vs Nano Puff® Jacket: A Comparison

Patagonia Nano-Air® vs Nano Puff® Jacket: A Comparison

In our latest jacket comparison, where we looked at Montreal and Montreaux coats for women by Marmot, we went through a number of details that those two designs came with and how you can best utilize those jackets for a well-rounded experience in the cold.

Well, now that winter is so close, it is time to look at two other jackets made for the cold. This time we picked two Patagonia jackets, the Nano Air® and Nano Puff® designs.

These are two of the most popular Patagonia jackets, renowned for their performance, insulation and high breathability.

Today’s purpose is not to establish which of these two designs is superior to the other, but rather to look at their differences and similarities and determine which one you should choose depending on the activity and weather conditions you will be in.

We picked Patagonia because it is one of the best brands in the outdoor apparel market and one that we have frequently featured in our selections, comparisons and reviews (for example, here, here and here).

Today we will see how its own jackets compare to each other. Let’s get started!

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How To Layer for Skiing and Snowboarding: A Guide (With Examples)

How To Layer for Skiing and Snowboarding: A Guide (With Examples)

With winter approaching, snow sports and activities will attract numerous enthusiasts up high on beautiful mountain peaks and resorts.

Snow sports are not like most sports. While they share similarities in that you are better off being experienced, and having the proper clothing to wear for a comfortable experience, there is a major difference that greatly affects how you should prepare for partaking in these activities. That is, the risks.

Snow sports will not challenge only your athletic ability, but they will also put you in adversarial conditions that can prove to be far more challenging than balancing on the snowboard or skis.

Low temperatures are not the safest conditions to be in, especially if you will be sweating and spending quite some time outdoors, and mountain terrain is not the most friendly either.

That is why safety is of the highest priority in these circumstances.

Hypothermia is a major concern and you are not at risk for it solely for not having a warm outfit, but also because of a too warm and not breathable outfit. The latter will leave you at a much higher risk from the cold because you will be both wet and exposed to below 0 temperatures.

For that reason, our focus for today is learning the proper ways to layer for sports like snowboarding and skiing for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Osprey vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better for Backpacks?

Osprey vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better for Backpacks?

Having the right outdoor gear and clothing is one of the most important factors in ensuring that, not only will your adventure (be it hiking, climbing, skiing or any other activity) be enjoyable, but that it will also be a safe one.

With safety being paramount, it’s no wonder that major brands in the market of outdoor clothing and gear have developed impressive designs that keep outdoor adventurers safe and comfortable when dealing with the elements.

However, practicality is also an essential aspect of going on a hike, for example, as you will have to carry things with you. Typically in a backpack. Which brings us to today’s topic.

Over the past years we have discussed a number of different brands that are renowned in the outdoor world, primarily focusing on the quality and performance of their jackets. Lately, we have been trying to explore more outdoor essentials and backpacks are today’s choice.

Let’s take a look at two of the most renowned brands out there, Osprey and The North Face, to see which one makes better backpacks for outdoor activities.

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