Osprey vs Gregory: Which Brand is Better?

Osprey vs Gregory: Which Brand is Better?

We often discuss jackets or fabrics on our site, where we review, compare and learn more about the origins, purpose and use of these garments.

Having a good time outdoors is not solely dependent on where you are going or with whom. Weather plays a big role in how things will go and being well prepared is a must when out in nature.

Those who spend a good deal of their free time in the woods, mountains or hiking trails will tell you that quality clothing and gear are essential. You never know how the weather may change, especially during autumn and spring months, when it’s sunshine one minute and the next it’s heavy rainfall.

For this reason, jackets and other garments that are made to protect you against the elements, while also keeping you cool and dry on the inside are really important.

Clothes, however, are not the only thing you must consider for travel or any outdoor adventure. Backpacks are also very important.

While surely you can get away with a backpack that won’t withstand the elements or one that will last for years, having one of high quality is a really smart investment.

Name brands make great backpacks, namely Arc’teryx or The North Face, but there are in fact backpack-specific brands on the market, which specialize in designing different packs, rucksacks and all types of bags.

Today we will look at two of those brands, Osprey and Gregory.

Just a few days ago we looked at Osprey vs. Deuter and today we will do another comparison.

Let’s get started!

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How To Wash Arc’teryx Jackets and Outdoor Gear: A Practical Guide

How To Wash Arc'teryx Jackets and Outdoor Gear: A Practical Guide

An important step in maintaining clothes or any other gear is that of keeping them clean. When it comes to clothes, this entails washing them depending on what the care label recommends.

Gear, on the other hand, vary. Some require washing, whereas others can be easily cleaned with a wipe down or brushing dirt off.

Because keeping clothes and gear clean is so essential in ensuring that they will last for a long time and look good, we have compiled several guides on this topic.

Typically we focus on certain jackets, such as down or polyester ones, but brand jackets and gear have also been part of our clean & maintenance guides.

Our topic for today, as the title indicates, is learning the best method to wash a jacket and other outdoor gear by Arc’teryx.

We discussed how to wash Patagonia jackets several months ago and recently also looked at the best steps to clean a backpack by The North Face, so today is time to look at Arc’teryx products.

We picked this brand for our guide as it is renowned for the high quality and performance of their designs, which means that it is all the more important to learn how to best care for your Arc’teryx product.

Let’s get started with the brand’s introduction first, and then get right down to the cleaning steps.

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Arc’teryx Coreloft™ vs PrimaLoft® Insulation: Comparison & Differences

Arc'teryx Coreloft vs PrimaLoft Insulation: Comparison & Differences

Discussing insulation in the middle of August, we agree, is a bit of a downer, especially since all we can think about is the beach and the heat of summer.

However, learning about insulation and the different types that are part of our jackets is an important matter and there is no such thing as a bad time when it comes to getting new information.

We have discussed a number of insulators here on our site and have also compared some of them to each other, in order to determine which one fares better in the cold of winter.

Today, it is time to turn our attention to two types of insulators and learn about their characteristics, similarities and differences. We will be discussing Coreloft™ by Arc’teryx and PrimaLoft®.

We chose PrimaLoft® because it is regarded as being one of, if not, the best synthetic insulation there is.

This is not the first time PrimaLoft is put against another insulator of its kind, as we have compared it to Polartec® Alpha®, ThermoBall, Thinsulate and even natural Down.

As for the reason why we chose Coreloft™, well, it is made by Arc’teryx and it lives up to the brand’s reputation for high performance and high quality products.

Let’s get started!

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Osprey vs Deuter: Which Brand is Better?

Osprey vs Deuter: Which Brand is Better?

Comparing brands that make some of the best jackets and outdoor gear has become a regular part of our work in this site.

We have looked at several ones that come up in searches and recommendations as “the best brand”, namely Arc’teryx, Patagonia, The North Face and many more.

Brand comparisons, we find, are a good way to learn about their history and then look at the differences between their manufacturing process, production philosophy and products.

Today we will continue with another brand comparison, however, the focus will not be on jackets this time, but on backpacks.

We have recently started to feature more backpack-related topics and discussions, such as washing a The North Face backpack, or how to wash a polyester one without damaging it and even compared backpacks to rucksacks to see if there are differences between the two.

In that comparison, we also mentioned several brands that make great backpacks, and both Osprey and Deuter made it into the list.

Which brings us to today’s comparison between the two.

Let’s get started!

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How To Wash Polyester Jackets and Outdoor Gear: A Guide

How To Wash Polyester Jackets and Outdoor Gear: A Guide

Everybody loves a quality jacket. A comfortable fit and great performance is all that we are looking for in a jacket.

Regardless of whether you are an avid sportsman or someone who needs a cozy jacket to wear to work, one of the most important aspects of owning a jacket is properly maintaining it so that it lasts for as long as possible and looks just as good as the day it was purchased.

We discuss jackets and parkas of all types here on this site and often delve into the best methods of cleaning and caring for a jacket.

Down jackets and designs from certain brands have all made it into our guides on maintenance and today is time to learn the proper steps of cleaning a polyester jacket.

Several weeks ago we compiled a guide on how to iron polyester without damaging it, in which we also discuss whether you should iron polyester to begin with. We highly suggest you take a look at that guide after you are done with today’s topic.

However, jackets is not the only thing we will discuss today, as we will take a look at another very useful outdoor gear, the backpack.

After learning how to wash backpacks by The North Face, today we will take a more general approach and discuss polyester ones.

It is now time to get down to business. Prepare you dirty gear in need of cleaning and let’s get started!

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Canada Goose Langford vs Chateau Parka: A Comparison

Canada Goose Langford vs Chateau Parka: A Comparison

Jackets and parkas come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a long coat or a short and cozy one, the real challenge when shopping for a winter jacket is deciding which model you like best, not whether you will find one that suits your needs.

In our selections, comparisons and reviews we have gone through so many jackets that, quite honestly, we have lost count.

There are so many brands to choose from and so many designs that it can get quite overwhelming at times.

That is why we continue to compile reviews and comparisons of different jackets, both from the same brand or from different ones, so that you will get a better idea of what the jackets you are interested in are like and what to expect from brand claims of their design being “the design”.

In today’s comparison we will continue with two designs from the same brand, this time by Canada Goose, the Langford and Chateau parkas.

This is a brand that we have featured heavily in many of our pieces and if you are interested to learn more about them and what we have observed so far, there are plenty of materials to go through. If you would like just a quick rundown on Canada Goose, keep on reading.

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12 Best Hiking Trails in Italy: Our Favorites for This Year

12 Best Hiking Trails in Italy: Our Favorites for This Year

The season for adventures and outdoor fun, Summer is the perfect time for those looking to explore new countries and areas.

Many people partake in outdoor activities that range from the mildest and beginner-friendly ones, to those made for experienced adventurers.

Hiking is one of those activities that is suitable for people of different fitness levels and hiking experience.

Whether you are a complete beginner that only walks to work or you are a hiker that has gone through many hikes, anyone can take up this activity and have a great time out in nature.

A few days ago we compiled a selection of Norway’s best trails to hike this year and we would highly advise that you add any of them to your list of trails to hike at least once.

In this new installment of hiking trails that you should consider, we will focus on another European country, Italy.

Renowned for its culture, rich history and stunning architecture, Italy is one of those countries where you will find any type of tourist attraction there is.

Be it the beach, historical buildings or impressive trails to hike, Italy regularly makes it into the lists of countries that you should visit once in your life.

Today, we have picked 12 hiking trails that are most definitely worth the time and effort.

Let’s see which ones have made it into our selection!

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