Timberland vs Dr. Martens Boots: Which Brand is Better?

Timberland vs Dr Martens Boots: Which Brand is Better?

You don’t have to be an extreme outdoor person to know the two brands that we are going to talk about today, Timberland and Dr. Martens, and their popular boots.

Not only that, but you have also probably owned one or the other, or both, at some point in your life.

While we have usually focused more on outdoor activities that can be considered sports or hobbies, such as hiking, climbing, trail running, backpacking, today’s comparison will be all about boots that are more for work or daily wear (even though Timberland offers a few hiking shoes too).

As an example, think about those who wear these boots in the city in winter as fashion items that keep them warm, but also those who work in the woods and in rural areas that need durable shoes.

As a curiosity, these were the “cool boots” when we were, well, let’s say younger.

These boot brands stand for much more than being popular and cool. Even with the competition from other brands that they have to face nowadays, they still stand as two of the top outdoor boots brands.

This is largely due to their impeccable quality and outdoor-friendly design from soles to stitching.

So, how much do you really know about these brands? What about their products, materials and prices?

And also, when it comes to Timberland versus Dr. Martens, which brand would be the better choice?

Well, let’s take a look and try to find out!

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Helly Hansen vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

Helly Hansen vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

You have probably heard of at least one of these two brands, if not both. These are two famous names in the industry of outdoor gear, clothing and jackets in particular.

Many outdoor enthusiasts may be confused when choosing the brand which will provide them with everything they need before an adventure.

We can’t blame them, though. That is because Helly Hansen and The North Face have dominated the market lately.

Helly Hansen, a Norwegian brand that specializes in water and mountain gear, has more experience than The North Face if we were to count the years they have been in the market.

On the other hand, the American company, The North Face has a wider range of products.

Today, as usual, we will be talking about each brand separately and then we will compare them to see which one would be the better choice.

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7 Brands like Eddie Bauer: Our Top Picks for this Year

7 Brands like Eddie Bauer: Our Top Picks for this Year

Eddie Bauer is the place you visit to buy everything from jeans to parkas, and even duffel bags and tents.

It’s heaven on Earth for every outdoor person who is looking for one place to shop for everything needed for an adventure.

Here is a fast introduction to the brand if you are not familiar with it.

Eddie Bauer is a sportswear brand that was started a century ago, and operates across the United States and other countries.

The label has a broad range of products, but its specialty is sportswear and outdoor gear.

Eddie Bauer has been part of many of our comparison articles.

Today our piece will be a little different though, as we have gathered a list of 7 brands that are similar to Eddie Bauer, from style of apparel to price tags, so you can have more options for your next purchase.

Eddie Bauer is mostly known for its clothing, shoes, and outdoor gear. The following brands offer the same variety, with some minor differences that we’ll be sure to mention.

Let’s begin!

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9 Best Ski Wear Brands: Luxury & Affordable (Our Top Picks)

9 Best Ski Wear Brands: Luxury & Affordable (Our Top Picks)

Skiing and snowboarding are considered extreme sports for a reason. You need to be prepared with the right skiwear to enjoy the most out of your weekend mountain adventure.

Your clothing plays an important role in keeping you warm and comfortable.

That being said, today we have rounded up 9 of the best brands for skiing and snowboarding apparel. Whether you are on a low budget or looking for luxury, there’s something for you on this list.

We have made similar selections in the past, for example this list of European ski jackets brands, and today we will take a more general route.

We will start with the luxury brands. While efficiency is the major deal-breaker when choosing your ski wear, these options account for both quality and luxury.

Let’s begin!

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7 German Backpack Brands That You Will Definitely Like

7 German Backpack Brands That You Will Definitely Like

Continuing with a new article on brands, today we will take a look at 7 backpack brands from Germany, after our first selection from this country.

You will probably recognize some of them, as we have extensively featured them in many previous articles and comparisons, for example Deuter and Jack Wolfskin.

But we also have some new entries, so definitely continue reading as we are sure that you will find something that will pique your interest.

In addition, many of these companies are also renowned for their outdoor gear and apparel with exceptional materials and technologies.

German backpacks are of great quality and come in a wide variety of styles and designs for many activities like hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, for going to school, work, the gym, etc.

So, let’s take a look at these 7 brands and what they have to offer.

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8 Quality Brands like Arc’teryx: Our Top Picks

8 Quality Brands like Arc'teryx: Our Top Picks

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company established in 1989 providing a variety of high-end outdoor clothes, backpacks, footwear, climbing gear, and accessories.

Whether you like mountain climbing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing or everyday outdoor sports, you’ll always find something from them to treat yourself.

Waterproof, highly breathable Gore-Tex is their material of choice which also stands out in terms of durability.

Reducing their carbon footprint and supporting projects standing for positive social change are high on their priority list.

We have featured Arc’teryx in many of our reviews, selections and comparisons because it’s one of our favorite brands. We have also discussed why it’s so expensive.

Are you curious to know other companies similar to them?

Continue reading, as today we are going to take a look at 8 quality brands like Arc’teryx!

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8 Sustainable Brands like Fjällräven: Our Top Picks

8 Sustainable Brands like Fjällräven: Our Top Picks

Today we will continue with our “Brands like…” series of articles, where we take a popular outdoor brand and suggest 7-8 other brands that are similar to it.

They may be similar in terms of types of products they offer, materials and technologies they use, activities and sports they cater to, manufacturing processes, etc.

The brand we chose this time is Fjällräven, the Swedish outdoor company with a rich history of successes that offers products which are very popular especially in Europe.

In the past, we have seen some of Fjällräven’s best jackets here, and we have discussed why their products are expensive here.

In this selection we will focus on 8 sustainable outdoor brands just like Fjällräven.

Sustainability was introduced into the outdoor industry years ago. As a result, there is an increase in the number of sustainable companies nowadays.

These 8 brands use eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials in many of their products, and have put in place sustainable production processes.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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