Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

You may have heard of these two brands before, because not only are they both popular names when it comes to providing outdoor clothing, but we have also featured them several times here on our site.

At first glance, many people would not know which of the two they would pick if they had to choose between Jack Wolfskin and The North Face. That’s understandable since the two can be quite similar in many aspects.

In terms of experience, The North Face appears to be at an advantage compared to Jack Wolfskin. Yet that doesn’t mean the latter won’t be able to compete when it comes to providing valid outdoor equipment.

So, welcome to another comparison article!

Today we are going to take a look at these two outdoor brands and hopefully, in the end, you will have a better idea about which of them would be a better choice for your needs.

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9 Scandinavian Shoes & Boots Brands for Rain and Cold Weather

9 Scandinavian Shoes & Boots Brands for Rain and Cold Weather

Footwear for cold weather is one of the most essential purchases you can make.

Although you can always put on a pair of woolen socks for your regular boots, it’s not always the best approach when it starts to rain or snow.

Having cold and wet feet after all is a ticket to a bad day. That is why footwear intended for harsh weather has become popular nowadays.

For today’s article, we have chosen 9 Scandinavian brands that produce shoes and boots for rain and cold weather.

We have talked a lot about Scandinavian brands here on our site in the past. We have seen Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands and also backpack brands from these countries.

In general, brands from Scandinavia offer high-quality products with minimal and essential designs that we like very much.

So, let’s see what we have picked today, and hopefully, you will find something for your next purchase!

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Why Are Timberland Boots so Expensive and Popular? Are They Worth It?

Why Are Timberland Boots so Expensive and Popular? Are They Worth It?

Everyone has their favorite brand whether it is your favorite pair of jeans, jackets, or shoes.

Many brands build their popularity upon their brand durability and performance, or endorsement by celebrities. For the Timberland company, their popularity comes from a combination of these factors.

Timberlands are an extremely popular boot, maybe one of the most popular boots. They started out being designed for the working class in New England until they became popular in hip-hop in the 1990s.

After this, their popularity increased, and since then, they have become so popular that you can see them worn by many, many people no matter what city you are in, be it in America or in other parts of the world.

In our efforts to find, select, and recommend great products to our readers, we have looked at countless products and companies throughout the years.

We write articles comparing brands, deciding which one is better or more appropriate for our readers. Other times we focus on brand popularity or the history of brands.

In this piece, we are going to talk about Timberland. The history of the company, how it became such a classic boot, and if it is really worth the price tag attached to the brand.

So, are Timberlands really worth the hype and the price tag, or does their popularity outweigh the quality?

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Helly Hansen vs Columbia Outdoor Gear: Which Brand is Better?

Helly Hansen vs Columbia Outdoor Gear: Which Brand is Better?

For those of you who are searching for outdoor gear, such as a ski jacket, backpack, or a pair of hiking shoes, your inquiry will eventually lead you to Helly Hansen and Columbia.

These two brands are quite similar in terms of the range of gear that they offer. However, their items do come with differences that are based on these companies’ philosophies.

Today, we are going to continue with another comparison between popular outdoor brands.

We will compare Helly Hansen’s and Columbia’s outdoor gear to try to find out which of the two brands would be the better choice for different activities.

These brands have been extensively featured here on our site, so let’s see!

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Lowa vs Meindl Boots: Which Brand is Better?

Lowa vs Meindl Boots: Which Brand is Better?

Hiking boots are vital to your performance and comfort while on the trail. Nowadays, this does not mean that you have to stick with a stiff and bulky model that can weigh you down.

The trend for hiking boots has been gravitating towards having lighter materials yet offering sufficient support. Waterproof capabilities have also become quite popular in the past few years.

In this article, we will compare two popular German brands that make amazing boots: Lowa and Meindl.

Let’s find out which of them would be the better choice for your next hiking boots!

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9 Italian Ski Clothing & Gear Brands: Our Favorites

Italian Skiing Snowboarding Brands for Clothing and Equipment

Skiing and snowboarding are activities that require you to spend money on the right gear and apparel, either if you practice them as hobbies or if are a professional.

Whether you plan to do casual laps around your local resort or go deep within the backcountry, you are going to need a quality jacket, pants, and ski gear to stay comfortable.

There are many brands today that provide good ski clothing and gear for your needs.

A few days ago we introduced you to some great ski brands from Austria.

And today, we will move down south, as we will be sharing with you 9 Italian brands that produce skiing and snowboarding equipment that we have come to like over the years.

We hope you will like them too!

So, let’s get started!

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7 Austrian Ski Brands for Jackets, Clothing & Equipment: Our Favorites

7 Austrian Ski Brands for Jackets, Clothing & Equipment: Our Favorites

Over the years, Austria has offered to the world many brands in the skiing and snowboarding niche.

Probably this is because of the country’s geography and the excellent craftsmanship, skills, and vision of those who have founded these brands.

We think that staying on top of the latest and most functional outdoor clothing and equipment, is a good idea if you want to practice these sports.

Skiing and snowboarding are not only difficult for beginners, but they also need the right equipment while keeping an eye on your budget.

And knowing all your options is a good place to start.

That’s why today we have picked 7 of the best Austrian Ski (and Snowboarding) Brands that will provide you with jackets, clothing, and equipment.

So you will hopefully be prepared and ready for the next skiing season.

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