Fjällräven vs Arc’teryx: Which Brand is Better?

Fjällräven vs Arc'teryx: Which Brand is Better?

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you like long hikes on a mountain trail, backpacking or camping with your friends? Or maybe your passion is climbing and mountaineering?

If so, you will surely like the brands that we are going to compare today. They are two of the most popular outdoor brands at the moment, and are highly recommended and raved about by their customers all over the world.

They have a rich history of accomplishments and have designed some great products, one is Swedish and the other Canadian.

We are talking about Fjällräven and Arc’teryx, both extensively featured here on our site!

In today’s article, as we usually do in these comparisons, we will take a look at their history, the materials they use, their popular products, their manufacture, their prices, and finally we will try to decide which of the two would be the best choice for your specific outdoor activity or sport.

Let’s begin right away with Fjällräven!

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How Does Gore-Tex® Technology Work? An In-Depth Look

How Does Gore-Tex® Technology Work? An In-Depth Look

Gore-Tex® is a material that is famous worldwide and used for its numerous properties, like being breathable, windproof and waterproof, characteristics that make it optimal for outdoor sports and activities.

In today’s article we will see its strengths, along with a brief summary of its history and an overview of the main characteristics of Gore-Tex®.

How many times have you found yourself in front of a Gore-Tex® fabric? For example, during your day hikes, or during an alpine skiing holiday.

This membrane is waterproof and breathable enough to be used in various areas (also in medicine and in science, as we will see later in this article).

We have already talked about Gore-Tex® in several previous reviews and selections. We have also compared it to several similar technologies, like DryVent™, Texapore, Omni-Tech™, and many others.

In this article we want to “focus the magnifying glass” on its characteristics, its history, its properties, in order to provide as much detailed and in-depth information on this fabric as possible, and hopefully help you make an informed decision on your next outdoor gear purchase.

Maybe you are wondering where its name originates from, or what are the characteristics that make it so famous and so widely used, for the most different purposes.

So, let’s find out by taking a closer look at this insulating and breathable membrane, one of the most popular that you will find on the market!

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Lowe Alpine vs Osprey Backpacks: Which Brand is Better?

Lowe Alpine vs Osprey Backpacks: Which Brand is Better?

With spring and summer approaching here in the northern hemisphere, activities like hiking, backpacking and long walks in nature start to become very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, both beginners and more experienced.

One of the most important pieces of necessary outdoor gear for all these activities is, without doubt, the backpack.

And for this reason, in today’s article we will focus on backpacks. In particular, we will compare two famous backpack brands, Lowe Alpine and Osprey, to see which of these two would be the better choice, and hopefully help you with your next purchase.

We know that having a suitable backpack when walking, hiking or camping is essential: this must be large but light, comfortable and possibly with a breathable back.

We have talked about backpacks in many previous articles, like the one where we made a selection of 11 of our favorite backpack brands, or the one where we learned the difference between a rucksack and a backpack.

And this time we will continue with a comparison. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the first brand, Lowe Alpine.

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Keen vs Merrell Hiking Shoes: Which Brand is Better?

Keen vs Merrell Hiking Shoes: Which Brand is Better?

Today we will continue with shoes again, and more precisely with a comparison between two brands that produce high quality hiking shoes for all outdoor enthusiasts that are also quite affordable: Keen and Merrell.

Choosing the right hiking shoe or boot is a not-so-easy task sometimes, as many elements contribute to the choice. The right footwear makes the difference not only when you are on a mountain trail, but also during a light walk in the city.

Along with being comfortable and having the right shape for your feet, the shoe must also be slip resistant.

Next, you have to consider the climatic conditions in which the hikes will take place. For example, on a winter hike you will need a shoe that will keep your feet warm, as well as ensure a perfect grip on all types of terrain.

You’ll also have to think about the type of terrain you are going to go onto, to ensure that your boot has the best grip possible.

Another element to look at can be the reinforced toe, in order to prevent damages to your feet and toes.

The brands that we will compare today are both famous especially for their footwear and have all these features in their products as we will see.

So, let’s begin!

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6 Brands Like “Canada Goose”: Our Top Picks (with Jackets Suggestions)

6 Brands Like "Canada Goose": Our Top Picks (with Jackets Suggestions)

Many of the brands we usually talk about on our site are similar to each other for their particular characteristics.

To make your purchasing process easier and also give you some alternatives to the famous brands that you may already know, we have started our “Brands like…” article series, where in the last few weeks we have suggested you some outdoor companies like Patagonia and some others similar to The North Face.

These are similar to each other in terms of product quality, types of products, price range, company vision and so on.

Today we will continue with a selection of 6 brands like Canada Goose, the company born in 1957 in Toronto, that is famous all over the world for the high quality and warmth of their jackets, especially down-insulated parkas, and their luxury-level prices.

Most of the brands we have chosen here are from Canada too and belong to the luxury market segment, and the quality and performance of their jackets is indisputable, just as one might expect.

In addition, along with a general description and their history, for each of these brands we have a jacket suggestion that we have picked from their product range.

So, let’s begin right away with our selection!

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Fjällräven vs Canada Goose Jackets: Which Brand is Better?

Fjällräven vs Canada Goose Jackets: Which Brand is Better?

In many of our previous articles we have looked at different brands, with the characteristics that set them apart but also the features they have in common.

This is to allow both, you and us, an easier choice among the “infinite” number of outdoor brands, and a more precise decision at the time of your next purchase.

Today we will do the same thing and compare the jackets of two different brands: Fjällräven and Canada Goose. These can be both considered luxury outdoor clothing brands (more on this later), one is Swedish, the other Canadian.

So, which of the two has the best jackets? Let’s find out below!

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Lowa vs Salomon Hiking Shoes: Which Brand is Better?

Lowa vs Salomon Hiking Shoes: Which Brand is Better?

Lowa and Salomon are two of the brands from our hiking boots brands selection that we did a few weeks ago.

We also compared Salomon to La Sportiva in a previous article and, today, we will compare it to Lowa, a German brand that we like very much.

We will talk about what we think are the differences and the things that these two brands have in common, and at the end we will “reveal” which of them, in our opinion, would be the better choice.

Both offer a wide selection of hiking shoes (not surprisingly, we have placed them among our favorite brands in the selection we mentioned above).

Both boast a success story that goes way back in time. And both have specific programs regarding environmental sustainability, which we believe is a plus.

Choosing the right hiking shoe is fundamental in our opinion, just like with other outdoor gear, of course: many of us have had at least one episode in our adventures where we have found ourselves, perhaps in the middle of a mountain path, with shoes pressing on the feet, or who were not comfortable enough.

So, to choose the most comfortable boots for our specific situation, also with some attention to the design and price, we do these comparisons between brands to better understand the options that the market has to offer.

We will start with Lowa.

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