7 Brands like Eddie Bauer: Our Top Picks for this Year

7 Brands like Eddie Bauer: Our Top Picks for this Year

Eddie Bauer is the place you visit to buy everything from jeans to parkas, and even duffel bags and tents.

It’s heaven on Earth for every outdoor person who is looking for one place to shop for everything needed for an adventure.

Here is a fast introduction to the brand if you are not familiar with it.

Eddie Bauer is a sportswear brand that was started a century ago, and operates across the United States and other countries.

The label has a broad range of products, but its specialty is sportswear and outdoor gear.

Eddie Bauer has been part of many of our comparison articles.

Today our piece will be a little different though, as we have gathered a list of 7 brands that are similar to Eddie Bauer, from style of apparel to price tags, so you can have more options for your next purchase.

Eddie Bauer is mostly known for its clothing, shoes, and outdoor gear. The following brands offer the same variety, with some minor differences that we’ll be sure to mention.

Let’s begin!


1. The North Face – Ideal for the Outdoors

man wearing the north face jacket in snowy forest

Priced similarly to Eddie Bauer, The North Face is a nice alternative.

Whether you are looking for clothing, footwear, or outdoor equipment like sleeping bags and tents, you will definitely find it in The North Face’s product line.

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Sleeping bags and tents by The North Face are especially popular because they come in various sizes and cater to different weather conditions.

The brand is also well-liked among active explorers and younger athletes due to its modern design and wide variety of design options.

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2. L.L. Bean – Versatile and Original

LL Bean website

You have heard of duck boots, right? Well, L.L. Bean can be credited with the creation of duck boots in 1911. There have been variations of the design since, but they remain a must-have pair.

L.L. Bean is all about the outdoors, just like Eddie Bauer. However, the style is more on the classic side, while Eddie Bauer offers more modern designs.

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The brand has a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories. They also cater to different age groups, meaning the whole family can buy everything they need in one place.

L.L. Bean has plenty of brick and mortar stores countrywide as well as a huge online shop that delivers to your doorstep.

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3. Columbia – Affordable Quality

person with columbia hat outdoors while snowing

Columbia is a brand that has been around for quite some time, and it is a favorite to many. The brand produces clothing, accessories, and even sports equipment.

The brand’s product line includes items that cater to every type of weather, and everything is made of high-quality materials.

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Columbia is also one of the few stores to have a section specifically for golf. In addition, they have a section dedicated to plus-size clothing for men and women.

In terms of price range, Columbia is generally more affordable than Eddie Bauer as the latter is considered more on the high-end side.

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4. Lands’ End – Shop for Summer and Decorate Your Home

lands end website

While Lands’ End may be more about casual clothing than sports and activewear, it is still similar to Eddie Bauer.

The brand caters to women, men, and children and offers an all-around family-focused experience. They carry a special category designed for school children, which includes uniforms and blazers.

Lands’ End, like Eddie Bauer, also offers a home section. The section includes all types of decor items such as candles, plants, and duvets. They also have a furniture section you can use to furnish your bedroom or outdoor area.

The store may also be your go-to during the summer! They have a whole section dedicated to beachwear and beach accessories, such as towels and water shoes.

5. Patagonia – High-Quality and Green

patagonia jacket close up

If you have already done your fair share of shopping for an outdoor adventure, then you must have heard of Patagonia.

There is a lot to like about Patagonia. We mean, who wouldn’t like high-quality backpacks and waterproof outerwear?

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Patagonia’s sportswear and gear caters to various sports, so it is a safe bet that you will find what you are looking for.

The store is always well-stocked with different clothing and equipment for sports such as climbing, surfing, fly fishing, skiing, and snowboarding.

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Patagonia is also in the business of doing good, so you can take a breath of relief when paying for your products.

The brand not only makes their clothes from recyclable materials, but it also donates a part of its revenue to various environmental organizations helping to fight for the protection of the environment.

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6. Dickies – Lifestyle Brand

dickies website

Dickies is a bit different from every other brand on this list.

It is a more relaxed label that offers a variety of casual clothing, unlike Eddie Bauer that specializes in sportswear and offers outdoor gear and a home section.

Accessories you can find at Dickies, for example, are things like keychains, belts, socks, and wallets.

So in comparison to Eddie Bauer, which is more of an adventurous brand, Dickies offers a lifestyle approach.

The label’s clothing section offers a wide variety of selections, from bib dresses and hoodies, to baseball shirts and work pants. They also offer work shoes and boots.

7. Timberland – The Established Brand

timberland website

Timberland is one of the most well-known brands in the world.

The company offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories, but its main specialty is footwear.

Timberland’s footwear has a reputation of being durable and having a longer-than-average lifespan, given you take care of them correctly.

In the accessories department, women get the added choice of handbags, while men get a wider variety of wallets and keychains.

In terms of price range, Timberland is more on the expensive side, which makes sense considering the quality and durability of the products.

– – – –

There are a lot of brands like Eddie Bauer in the market and the seven we just mentioned above are the best in our opinion.

While they may vary in pricing due to the quality and level of brand recognition, these brands offer almost the same products.

In some cases, they may be more suitable for specific needs, such as Timberland for footwear or Patagonia for “green” athletes.

But all in all, these brands are fantastic alternatives to Eddie Bauer, and some are even better.

That’s all for today’s selection! We’ll see you in the next. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestion.

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