8 Sustainable Brands like Fjällräven: Our Top Picks

8 Sustainable Brands like Fjällräven: Our Top Picks

Today we will continue with our “Brands like…” series of articles, where we take a popular outdoor brand and suggest 7-8 other brands that are similar to it.

They may be similar in terms of types of products they offer, materials and technologies they use, activities and sports they cater to, manufacturing processes, etc.

The brand we chose this time is Fjällräven, the Swedish outdoor company with a rich history of successes that offers products which are very popular especially in Europe.

In the past, we have seen some of Fjällräven’s best jackets here, and we have discussed why their products are expensive here.

In this selection we will focus on 8 sustainable outdoor brands just like Fjällräven.

Sustainability was introduced into the outdoor industry years ago. As a result, there is an increase in the number of sustainable companies nowadays.

These 8 brands use eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials in many of their products, and have put in place sustainable production processes.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.


1. Helly Hansen

person wearing helly hansen jacket in snowy forest

Helly Hansen was established more than a hundred years ago, in 1877, in Norway. The brand’s purpose is to produce quality sports apparel and gear, especially for skiing and sailing.

The company was founded by a Norwegian sea captain, Helly Juell Hansen, who carried the love of the sea and nature to his employees. Preserving water is the primary sustainability objective for the brand.

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Their love for nature encourages them to implement new technologies, like Helly Tech, used to provide sustainable and durable garments, which are waterproof and breathable at the same time.

Among their main technologies we can also mention LIFA® and its advancement, LIFALOFT™. Made with sports professionals in mind, these technologies intend to provide warmth while being lightweight, dry and moisture-free.

2. 66° North

66 north website

66° North is an outdoor brand founded in Iceland. It was inspired by the harsh climate of the country, intending to produce protective clothing for fishermen and workers in the coldest parts of Iceland.

The brand is committed to sustainability by trying to minimize the environmental impact it causes through many practices. Most importantly, offsetting carbon emissions and accepting their products back by customers for recycling.

In addition, they ensure the product is made to last for a long time and they carry the responsibility of educating their customers about the appropriate ways to take care of the products.

While their prices are usually on the high end, you can find affordable pieces in each collection. Also, the brand offers product repairs to increase their lifetime, and it provides the option of product recycling.

3. Columbia

person with columbia hat outdoors while snowing

Born in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear offers high-quality apparel and outdoor gear with affordable prices.

They were one of the first brands that embraced the concept of sustainability. They focus in finding new ways to decrease the negative effects of the production process on the environment.

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The company uses advanced technologies to produce high-quality, sustainable clothing. We can mention the Omni-Heat and Omni-Tech technologies that help them design waterproof garments which maintain body heat and improve breathability.

The sustainability concept is applied to both, the product design process and the manufacturing procedures with all the practices that follow.

4. Arc’teryx

person hiking with arcteryx backpack

This Canadian brand, founded in 1989, offers a wide range of durable sportswear. If you are looking for garments to be used in outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, trail running, and everyday outdoor gear, Arc’teryx has them all!

Even though the prices of the brand’s products might be a little bit high in comparison to similar brands, the durability and quality of their accessories and garments makes up for that.

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Arc’teryx practices sustainability procedures in different sectors, especially the product design, and manufacturing. In addition to directly engaging the community through holding sustainability awareness campaigns.

Also, the brand ensures that all the animal-based materials used in the manufacturing process, come from animals which are raised and treated in places that respect their well-being.

Arc’teryx avoids using synthetic raw materials that depend on active chemistry to be manufactured, to reduce the harmful gases and preserve the environment.

5. Patagonia

patagonia jacket close up

Patagonia is an American brand, established in 1973, that stands out by relying on recycled materials for a big part of its production.

The brand has developed its own fabric technologies, like the H2No technology that improves the quality of durable, waterproof and breathable fabrics.

Over the years, the company has come up with impressive procedures to increase the sustainability of their products. To do that, they ensure that most of the materials used are recyclable, like Wool and Polyester.

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In addition, they only purchase fabrics through credible organizations that guarantee the animal’s welfare and proper treatment.

Patagonia has recently launched the Regenerative Organic Pilot Cotton program that focuses on regenerating organic agriculture.

As we have seen in the past, Patagonia’s prices are quite high, but that is justified by the quality of their products.

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6. The North Face

man wearing the north face jacket in snowy forest

The North Face, founded in 1966 in San Francisco, offers comfortable outdoor wear with modern and stylish designs. There is a variety of affordable pieces offered by the brand. However, technical garments and recent collections are usually on the expensive side.

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In terms of sustainability, the company uses recycled and organic materials, such as Polyester and organic cotton.

The North Face continues to increase the practices and procedures it implements to preserve the environment. Their focus is to shift to 100% renewable energy by the year 2025.

Two of the main fabric technologies they use are Gore-Tex and DryVent, as we have previously seen.

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7. Haglöfs

haglofs website

Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor equipment and sports clothing brand. Due to its role in maintaining sustainability procedures, it was awarded Sustainability Brand of the Year in 2014 from the Swedish trade magazine Sportfack.

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The company produces clothing and shoes made of recycled materials. In addition to that, it aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions from logistics. Almost 80% of the brand’s products are Bluesign approved, which means their materials are eco-friendly.

They use Haglöfs PROOF™ECO and PROOF™ technologies, to provide fabrics that are waterproof, windproof and breathable.

8. Norrøna

norrona website

Norrøna is a Norwegian brand, founded in 1929 by Jørgen Jørgensen. They offer premium quality outdoor clothing, with products that are functional, flexible, and lightweight. Also, they cover different types of sportswear, for mountain biking, hiking, skiing, etc.

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Over the past few years, Norrøna has been increasing their use of eco-friendly fabrics, while most of their products have been gaining more and more recognition and are Bluesign certified.

They use organic cotton, reprocessed fabrics, and other recycled materials. In addition, Norrøna offers a repair service with the aim of increasing the products’ life.

– – – –

And there you have it! 8 sustainable brands similar to Fjällräven.

The increase of awareness about the importance of sustainability is vital to the preservation of our environment and wildlife.

Today, many brands are contributing to the matter and implementing advanced technologies and innovative procedures to protect the planet.

We, as consumers, can do our part when deciding which brands to choose and what fabrics to wear.

What do you think? Do you have any other brand suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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