Wantdo Women’s Fleece Ski Jacket – Review

Wantdo Women's Fleece Ski Jacket - Review

In our previous review articles, the brands featured have always been quite well-known and were founded many years ago, some even more than half a century ago. This time, we thought to change things up a bit, seeing as it is only fair that we come into the modern days, with a brand established in 2009 by the name of Wantdo.

They manufacture different clothing and accessories, such as jackets, parkas, swimwear, dresses, scarves, shawls, beanies, socks and even underwear. With such a wide array of products, and at very affordable prices, it should come as no surprise that this brand’s popularity is increasing.

By now, you know what we like to look at in these reviews, so continuing with the women’s review articles, we have selected the Mountain Fleece Ski jacket by this brand.

This is a jacket that has it all, as you will see detailed further down. It makes for a great winter jacket and it is best suited for outdoor activities, be it skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping and practically any winter sport.

With all that being said, let’s get started right away because there is plenty to write about this jacket.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors.

Where To Buy The Wantdo Fleece Ski Jacket

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:


When To Wear It

The name hints right away at what this jacket was designed for, skiing and snow sports, such as snowboarding, skating, or ice fishing. However, as mentioned earlier, it is suitable for quite a variety of outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, climbing, cycling and it makes a good running jacket, as well.

Wantdo Womens Fleece Ski Jacket purple

This jacket imitates softshells in the overall functionality and performance, but it is padded and a bit heavier, therefore it withstands freezing temperatures better.

It comes with a high collar, that closes to the front with snap buttons, in order to prevent cold drafts, water or snow from getting inside, therefore working as both a weather-resistant and insulating feature.

Behind it, there is a detachable hood, which can be adjusted on both sides with drawstrings. It is a lined hood, that offers plenty of warmth and protection. There are Velcro fasteners to the front, to fully adjust the hood, as well as double-layer the collar.

Moving onto the sleeves, they are padded and lined with Polyester on the inside. The cuffs are adjusted with Velcro fasteners and come with hand gaiters, which are elastic and warm, to protect the hands, while also isolating the jacket from the wind. The sleeve design is made to allow for ease in movement, as well as some flexibility, which is especially necessary for sports jackets.

Wantdo Womens Fleece Ski Jacket purple


The hem is also adjustable with drawstring, so you can wear the jacket as preferred, while also making sure that you are protected from the elements and low temperatures. As it is a jacket intended for snowy weather, it comes with a snow skirt, with snap buttons to quickly and easily put it together, which prevents snow from getting through, in case you fall down while skiing, or during heavy snowfall.

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On the outside, on both sides you can find two pockets with zipper closure and on the right side of the chest, there is another zipper pocket. On the inside, there is one zipper pocket, suitable for small electronics, ski pass or ID. There is also an earphone duct, so you can fully enjoy yourself, even if you are on your own.

The zipper is YKK, waterproof and covered with a storm flap. It is placed on the right side and has a toggle that can be easily gripped with gloves on.

Wantdo Womens Fleece Ski Jacket purple


As for the style, this jacket does look like a sports jacket, but that does not mean it cannot be worn as an everyday jacket as well, especially if you need to move around a lot for work. It is very comfortable, insulated and yet lightweight to wear, so you can go ahead and use it as your to-go winter jacket.

It comes with two small logos on the outside, one on the hood and the other placed on the left side of the chest.


The Wantdo fleece ski jacket is made of 100% Polyester, both inside and out. The outer shell is waterproof and windproof, so you can spend hours upon hours outdoors in winter, without worrying about getting wet, or feeling that cold chill on you.

The inner lining is a mix. Starting from the top, the hood is lined with teddy fleece, which is 100% Polyester. The collar is lined with fleece, which keeps the neck warm. The sleeves are lined of insulating and breathable polyester fabric, while the core is lined with thick and soft teddy fleece.

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If by now you are thinking that this jacket sounds so cozy and warm, then knowing that the padding is made of 1200g Cotton, will make you wish you had it on. Cotton padding is incredibly insulating, which, combined with the teddy fleece, will quickly heat up and retain the warmth for as long as the jacket is on. However, in order to prevent overheating, the material is quite breathable, so there will not be any sweating or discomfort.

The side pockets are also lined, to quickly warm up the hands if you happen to forget the gloves or just dislike wearing them.

Because it is fleece-like, the material is also fast to dry, in case of heavy raining or snowfall. The seams are sealed, bringing everything together and completely isolating and insulating the jacket from temperature and weather conditions.

Color Selection

Unlike the minimalistic style, without exaggerated logos, the color selection includes four very interesting options. All four colors come with Dark grey underarms, sides, cuffs and inner side of the sleeves. The rest of the body is monochrome, with minuscule black and grey details.

Wantdo Womens Fleece Ski Jacket rose red


They are all matte colors, toned down and not too vibrant, which goes very well with the casual look and makes it easy to match with your other sports clothes. The two darker options include: Purple and Red, two colors which you will really enjoy if you generally prefer dark clothing.

The remaining two options are brighter and best suited for those who enjoy colors and prefer to be a bit out of the box with their outfits. These colors are: Rose red and Blue, which has some hues of turquoise.

Wantdo Womens Fleece Ski Jacket blue


If you are looking to wear this jacket for winter sports, then anything goes, so go ahead and choose your favorite. But, if you are looking for a daily jacket, that you can wear on the way to work, we would recommend the two darker tones, especially Red.

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

All is said and done by us, now it is time for a more subjective look at this ski jacket, which has been tried and tested over and over, by a considerable number of people. And we mean considerable, over 300 online reviews.

Let’s start with the style and color. There are numerous comments on how beautiful this jacket looks in person and how well the colors go with the overall look of the jacket. There were some here and there reviews about the colors not being too vibrant, but nonetheless the jacket looks great.

When it comes to its performance as a winter jacket, it does indeed deliver. Many of the reviewers are happy to say that one of the best things about this jacket being quick to warm up, is being able to dress lightly and not having to layer. It provided plenty of warmth and the insulation does the job perfectly.

They have worn it for skiing, snowboarding, boating and as a daily jacket, and it never failed to live up to expectations. The teddy fleece is another great feature, as it makes the jacket snuggly and a lot more comfortable to wear.

What we did not mention in the material paragraph, is the resistance of the fabric against environmental conditions and it certainly shows, as some of the reviewers have had this jacket for two or three years and have come back to order a second time, just so they can have color variety and are happy to report that it is quite durable.

Seeing as we are into material specifics, the waterproof and windproof qualities of the outer shell have managed to keep the jacket dry in rain and snow, as said by those who have taken it with them for skiing and those who live in rainy areas.

If you take a look at the online reviews yourself, the low-rated ones are few, and the major problem they had is that the jacket runs a bit small, so take that into consideration. However, Wantdo have made their best to re-adjust the sizing, which takes that problem out of the way.



The Wantdo Mountain Fleece Ski jacket for women comes in great quality, designed to be at its best performance no matter the weather. You will dress lightly, feel comfortable and spend the day carefree, enjoying your time outdoors. This jacket has everything else covered for you.

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